Babysitting is one of the most popular and easily available jobs for teenagers and young adults to take up. However, this is, by no means, an easy job to do. Caring for babies and children is one of the hardest and most sensitive responsibilities. It is not simply being in the room where the child is. One needs to actively look after them and keep them safe and engaged. Since this is a job that typically falls in the lap of teenagers, people assume the job is simple. But this is far from the truth. With a babysitting certification, one can boast of the right qualifications for arguably a very tough job. So, what are the best babysitting certifications you can get? Let’s find out in this guide!

Babysitting Certification

What Does A Babysitting Certification Mean?

A babysitting certification allows you to apply for babysitting jobs professionally and also negotiate a higher salary than what a teenager would typically make. You will also be able to open your own practice and give a per hour rate to parents looking to hire you for your services. This certificate will provide proof that you are equipped to care for a child and know what to do in an emergency.

Are All Certificates The Same?

No, some certificates do hold more value in the market than others. The accreditation that a certificate course holds does make a difference and will be viewed by potential employers through the same lens. The accreditation will also determine how robust the course material is. The following are some of the best babysitting certifications you can consider enrolling for. 

Best Babysitting Certifications

ExpertRating—Babysitting Certification

ExpertRating—Babysitting Certification

The babysitting certification program offered by ExpertRating is one of the most comprehensive and reasonably priced courses available online. The course will hardly cost even a portion of a teenager’s allowance, and can, in fact, be one of the first steps towards independence—they can pay for their own babysitting certification! 

This is a great course for young adults and teenagers who are novice babysitters but would like to become better at it. It can also be a course pursued by more experienced nannies so they can acquire a formal certificate that will bolster their careers. To be eligible for this course, you only need to pay the fees and have a stable internet connection. The course will equip you with the skills required to care for babies and children.

Some of the topics the course will cover include safety, discipline, activities, problem solving, etc. 

ExpertRating—Babysitting Certification Price: $19.99 Sign Up Now

American Red Cross—Babysitting and Advanced Child Care Certification

American Red Cross—Babysitting and Advanced Child Care Certification

A certification in babysitting from the American Red Cross is one of the most prestigious stamps of approval one can get as a babysitter. The course is taught by experts and is designed to provide expertise to novices as well as more experienced babysitters. The course is delivered online and is meant to be interactive and fun, in addition to being informative.

There are two types of certifications the society offers—Babysitting Basics and Advanced Childcare. The former has some elements of in-person training, designed specifically for 11 to 15 year olds looking to babysit. The Advanced Child Care certification course is delivered 100% online and offers advanced lessons on topics like professionalism, safety, discipline, etc. 

The course is mindful of imparting the best possible child care techniques and methods to students, such as finding age-appropriate games and activities to keep babies and older children occupied. These are important skills to build a strong rapport with the baby, which is at the core of being a good babysitter.

American Red Cross—Babysitting and Advanced Child Care Certification Price: Starting at $40 Sign Up Now

Babysitting Certification Institute—Babysitting Certification

Babysitting Certification Institute—Babysitting Certification

The Babysitting Certification offered by the Babysitting Certification Institute is a comprehensive training program that will offer novices the basics in babysitting. This is a course that is delivered 100% online and has been designed by professionals to offer the best possible knowledge and advice to young adults entering the profession and caring for babies. 

Once you have completed the course, you can sit for the scheduled exam, upon clearing which you will get your babysitting certification. The exam does not set a time limit and allows you to present your best self in your answers. You need a passing score of 80%, but the institute does allow you to take the exam as many times as required to get that result. 

This is in keeping with the practice that the certification course instills in the aspiring babysitters—patience and giving people the room and confidence to thrive in. Once you clear the exam, you will get your certificate via email.

Babysitting Certification Institute—Babysitting Certification Price: Starting at $95 Sign Up Now

American Safety & Health Institute—Child and Babysitting Safety

American Safety & Health Institute—Child and Babysitting Safety

The Child and Babysitting Safety program offered by the American Safety & Health Institute is one of the best and most comprehensive training programs one can enroll themselves into. This is a great course for teenagers and young adults and has been designed to equip them with the right skills to care for a baby or small child. 

But in addition to caring for children, the course also offers an overview of other important aspects of the job such as dealing with the parents. The course is offered through magazine-style articles and blogs, as well as informative vlogger-style videos. It has designed its language in a way that will appeal to young people and will bring them into the conversation. 

The course will be considered completed when the written evaluation is completed, followed by the desired display of skills for evaluation. The certification period is two years and the course length is 4 hours.

American Safety & Health Institute—Child and Babysitting Safety Price: Starting at $95 Sign Up Now

CPR Certification Institute—Babysitting Certification

CPR Certification Institute—Babysitting Certification

The babysitting certification offered by CPR Certification Institute is a program that is offered 100% online, for which you can access the course material 24×7. This is a quick and flexible program that makes you eligible for a babysitting certification before you know it.

This is a great course for those who are not familiar with children to learn more about how to care for them in a safe and interactive manner. The course will offer study guides and also gives you access to unlimited practice tests to prepare you for the exam. Finally, when you do sit down to take the exam, you can also do retakes until you get the appropriate score.

Once you clear the exam, you will receive the certificate over email immediately. The institute will, of course, take care of you while you are enrolled with them. However, even once you have received your certificate, you will have access to the resources, study materials, and practice test materials for the next two years after your certificate has been issued.

CPR Certification Institute—Babysitting Certification Price: Starting at $49.95 Sign Up Now

Parting Words: Getting Your Babysitting Certification

The certification courses that are described above are all comprehensive in their own ways, though different courses may focus on different aspects of the job. As has been mentioned before, babysitting is not an easy job by any stretch. It requires a lot of patience, expertise, and the ability to think on one’s feet. While some people are instinctively good with these skills, it is not difficult to cultivate these skills if one puts in the effort. It is a very rewarding job when the child grows to trust you and enjoy your company!

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