Books About Procrastination – 12 Picks To Read Now Instead Of Later

by | Jun 23, 2021

Are you a procrastinator? Do you put things off, but find yourself wishing you hadn’t? If you’ve struggled with this, you’re not alone. There are many of us out there who struggle with procrastination, which is why the subject has been delved into so thoroughly in so many books.

Reading books about procrastination is one of the best ways to gain self-discipline and have a more meaningful life. There are many options out there, though, so we di the research to bring you the very best books about procrastination that can help you stop procrastinating and gain a healthy relationship with time and tasks. Many of these books are sold on Amazon, as a free PDF online, and at major stores like Barnes & Noble, making them easily accessible.

So, what are the best books about procrastination? We can look later… just kidding, let’s get started!

Top Books About Procrastination

By reading these procrastination books, you’ll be able to beat procrastination and learn practical tips on how to create good habits. Whether you want to gain self-control, have better time management, learn more about the willpower instinct, or increase self-compassion, the books below will help you reach those goals and take control of your own life!

By reading about personal experiences, ways to reduce procrastination, and external motivators, you’ll be able to increase productivity and find a procrastination tactic that works for you.

Eat That Frog

Books about procrastination-Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy is a procrastination book that gives readers 21 great ways to get more things done in less time. One of the most popular procrastination tendencies is to avoid difficult tasks and deep work so that we can focus on easier tasks. However, in Eat That Frog, the author urges readers to do their most important task first. Then, the rest of the to-do list won’t seem so difficult.

Hacking laziness is all about eating that frog. In simpler terms, this book approaches procrastination by focusing on ways to stop postponing difficult tasks. By doing your most difficult task in a timely matter, you’ll be able to solve your procrastination problem and stop feeling guilty about the way you procrastinate.

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The Now Habit

Books about procrastination-The Now Habit

The Now Habit by Neil Fiore is a great book that acts as a concise guide for overcoming procrastination and enjoying free time without anxiety or guilt. If you want to stop putting things off and gain new habits that allow you to have more free time, The Now Habit is the best book for you.

Author Neil Fiore is known for giving good advice about how to complete things in a timely manner and live a real life without guilt. Although most people feel worse after procrastination, this book offers helpful tools on how to enjoy life while stopping procrastination.

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The Procrastination Equation

Books about procrastination-The Procrastination Equation

In The Procrastination Equation, the author Piers Steel sets readers up for success by teaching them how to stop putting things off and start getting things done (the GTD system). Based on personal experience, biology, self-help tools, and psychology, Steel provides a strategic program to help readers eradicate bad habits and gain a new approach toward working.

This concise guide is all about creating habits that will foster self discipline and help you overcome procrastination. By reading what Piers Steel has to say about procrastination, you’ll be able to stop procrastinating and get more important things done.

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Stop Procrastinating

Books about procrastination-Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating by Nils Salzgeber is one of the best nonfiction books and procrastination books out there. The main part of overcoming procrastination is overcoming laziness, self criticism, and anxiety. Luckily, Sazgeber’s entire approach rests upon these points.

Nils Salzgeber teaches readers how to stop procrastinating by explaining why people procrastinate, why it’s not their fault, and how low self-esteem is one of the biggest factors. Based on science and psychology, Stop Procrastinating is one of the best books to read if you want to understand the science of both procrastination and success.

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The Procrastination Cure

Books about procrastination-The Procrastination Cure

In The Procrastination Cure, author Damon Zahariades provides readers 21 proven tactics to stop procrastination and make productivity a new habit. By reading this book, you’ll learn how to create a to-do list that’s geared toward success, how to no longer feel bad about procrastination, and how to create a reward system that inspires you to take action.

Ultimately, the main point of this popular guide is to get readers to understand and overcome procrastination.

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The Science of Overcoming Procrastination

Books about procrastination-The Science of Overcoming Procrastination

The Science of Overcoming Procrastination by Patrick King is one of the most popular books on procrastination. In this, King teaches readers how to take action quickly and think more clearly so that they can eradicate their tendency to procrastinate.

This is one of the best books for readers who want to stop being lazy and get more things done throughout the day. Like other great books about procrastination, The Science of Overcoming Procrastination ties together theories about self discipline, motivation, productivity, and output. In turn, King teaches readers what causes procrastination and how they can overcome it to live a more meaningful life.

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How to Stop Procrastinating

Books about procrastination-How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating by S.J. Scott is one of the most popular books on procrastination. In this, Scott talks about the procrastination puzzle and explains why the hesitation to master difficult tasks is often at the root of procrastination. If you want to beat perfectionism and beat procrastination, this is one of the best books for you!

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Procrastinate on Purpose

Books about procrastination-Procrastinate on Purpose

In Procrastinate on Purpose, Rory Vaden gives readers five permissions that are proven to help multiply time:

  • Eliminate
  • Automate
  • Delegate
  • Consolidate
  • Procrastinate

By doing these five things, you’ll be able to prioritize the most important tasks and live a more productive life overall. By using this POP system, you’ll be able to complete more urgent tasks in less time.

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23 Anti-Procrastination Habits

Books about procrastination-23 Anti-Procrastination Habits

23 Anti-Procrastination Habits by S.J. Scott is one of the best books for readers who want to stop procrastinating and cut lazy habits out of their lives. According to Scott, the key to living a more productive life is to develop an anti-procrastination mindset. This mindset will help you avoid being overwhelmed by a large number of tasks.

More importantly, this anti-procrastination mindset will help you get immediate results by making successful habits a part of your life. More specifically, making those successful habits a part of your daily routine will get rid of procrastination in no time.

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Do the Work

Books about procrastination-Do the Work

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield is all about overcoming resistance and getting out of your own way. If you want to stop hesitating, dwelling, and procrastinating, this is one of the best books on procrastination for you!

In this, Steven Pressfield exposes the most common reasons that we turn to perfectionism. It turns out that having better, perfect ideas is not the key to success, it’s actually just executing your projects instead of putting them off.

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Solving the Procrastination Puzzle

Books about procrastination-Solving the Procrastination Puzzle

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl is a concise guide about strategies for change. By reading this book, you’ll learn more about why you self-sabotage and procrastinate.

By combining psychological research and self-help, Pychyl helps readers discover the root of their hesitation and procrastination. In turn, he lets them break free from self-destructive habits and lean into more productive ways of life.

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The More You Do The Better You Feel

Books about procrastination-The More You Do The Better You Feel

The More You Do The Better You Feel by David Parker is a practical guide about overcoming procrastination and living a happier life. This informative book brings awareness to habitual procrastinating and lazy behavior patterns. By recognizing the root of our procrastination, we can stop falling victim to the downward cycle and start mobilizing into a more productive life.

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Final Thoughts: Books about Procrastination

The books on procrastination above all offer great tactics that will help you get to work and stop procrastinating. Whether you want to learn about the mechanics behind procrastination or the psychology behind self-sabotaging, all of these procrastination books are great places to start.

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