March 12, 2021

Best Resume Writing Service – 8 Picks For Top Formatting

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If you’re a job seeker, using resume writing services is one of the best ways to get the best resume possible and stand out from other applicants while applying to jobs. Resume writing services can provide a plethora of benefits; you get access to experts in the field of resume writing, many will also offer cover letter assistance, and you’ll make sure your resume is exactly what interviewers are looking for.

If those helpful tools (and more) are what you’re looking for, you may be wondering what the best resume writing service is. There are many to choose from which can make finding the right option for your needs tricky. That’s why we’ve gathered up the top picks. Below are the eight best resume writing services that will review your resume and help you create documents that land you more interviews.

Best Resume Writing Service

Resume writing services and resume builders are great tools for making sure your resume hits all the essential targets. By connecting with professional resume writers and experts in your industry, you’ll be able to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems and land your dream job in no time. Additionally, many of these resume writing services help you create a resume and cover letter and optimize your LinkedIn profile during a job search. 

Keep reading below to learn how each resume writing service can help you while job searching and how you can find a professional resume writer that will help you land a job you love from any location.

1. ZipJob

ZipJob Website

ZipJob is one of the most popular resume writing services out there. On ZipJob, you can choose a writer with experience in your industry to write a resume that gets you more job interviews. 

Ranging from $139-$299, ZipJob always offers a professionally written resume, keyword optimization, and unlimited revisions. If you want to work 1-on-1 with a professional writer and get a new resume quickly, ZipJob is the perfect resume writing service for you. However, if you’re on a budget and not on a time crunch, ZipJob may not be the best fit. 

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2. TopResume 

TopResume Website

TopResume is a resume writing service that offers a free expert review of your resume. If you choose to hire a resume writer, you’ll get help with custom headings, keyword optimization, and a resume geared toward your most desired jobs.

TopResume has experts from over 65 industries and offers packages that range from $179 to $349. No matter which package you choose, you’ll always be in contact with an industry-specific writer who will format your resume for success and optimize it to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems. The writers on TopResume offer up to two rounds of revisions, and it typically takes two weeks to receive your final resume. 

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3. ResumeGet 

ResumeGet Website

ResumeGet is one of the top resume writing services out there. The professional writers at ResumeGet promise to get you twice the job interviews after your resume is complete. They offer resume writing, CV writing, and cover letter writing ranging from $149 to $349. 

If you want help creating a personalized resume or cover letter from an expert writer in your industry, ResumeGet has many things that can help you out in the process. Once you hire someone, you’ll get your resume in no longer than two days, making this service one of the fastest out there. 

Furthermore, unlike other resume writing services, ResumeGet lets you fill out information about your work experience and career evolution. You can then browse through many possible writers and hire the one you think would be the best fit. 

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4. Top CV 


Top CV offers professional resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn writing. More importantly, they promise to get you twice the amount of interviews. By hiring someone through Top CV, you’ll be able to communicate with your writer, authentically tell your career story, and get a resume critique for free, even if you’re not sure if you want to hire anyone yet. 

If you’re a job seeker who wants more interviews and connections on job sites, the writers at Top CV will make the job searching process much easier. Their various services and professional resume writers come with a satisfaction guarantee so that you can land your dream job in no time. 

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5. The Muse 

The Muse Website

The Muse offers resume review coaches, career coaches, and mentors that will help you optimize your resume depending on the job you want and the business you’re interested in. Ranging from $119 to $479, The Muse lets you chat with your resume coach on Skype. Then, they’ll send you a revised draft of your resume and make any revisions if needed. 

If you’re looking for a resume review service that provides expert review from professional resume writers, The Muse is a great service to use. By hiring professionals off of The Muse, you’ll be able to improve your resume and start applying to new jobs in no time. 

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6. JobStars USA

JobStars USA

JobStars USA offers resume writing services and career coaching. By connecting with the career experts at JobStars, you’ll be able to learn more about each business and create a career story that’s best fit for you and your dream job. 

If you want a high-quality resume or particular page that stands out amongst a large pool of applicants, the career experts at JobStars are the best writers to use. Their writers will give you career advice, teach you how to attract hiring managers, and help you find a job that is the perfect fit. Their experience with writing resumes, cover letters, and reflecting a successful work history make them a great service to use.

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7. StandOut CV

Standout CV

At StandOutCV, you can learn how to write an interview-winning resume, CV, and cover letter. With their writing service, you can get a free review of your job application materials and hire a professional to optimize your documents. 

On StandOut CV’s website, you can fast-track the writing process by looking through successful documents yourself. If you’re job searching and you want career advice, looking through interview-winning, industry-specific documents is a great place to start. 

Compared to other writing services, StandOut CV provides the most resume options, including a resume writer review, and a wide variety of other services. Whether you want to hire a writer or learn some more about applying to jobs, StandOut CV is a great educational tool to use. 

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8. Resumes Planet

Resumes Planet

Resume Planet provides career tips, resume review and resume writing services. Once you share your job experience and career-related interests, the Resume Planet writers will ensure that your resume highlights your strengths and gets you more job interviews. 

Ranging from $135 to $165, the packages at Resume Planet help you optimize your resume and cover letter. The more expensive packages will also help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and send successful follow-up emails. 

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Make Sure Your Resume is Top Notch

These resume writing services are a great way to get a comprehensive view of your resume and prepare for the job application process. If you’re having trouble landing job interviews, contacting hiring managers, or creating an authentic resume, these writing services are perfect for you. 

Using a professional resume writing service to optimize your work, you’ll be able to speed up the resume writing process and optimize every page you plan to send to the hiring managers.

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