Best Psychology Podcasts – Top 9 Worth Listening To

by | Feb 2, 2021

Listening to psychology podcasts is a great way to learn more about the science behind mental health, unconscious patterns, human psychology, and more. 

If that interests you, you may be excited to discover out list of the best psychology podcasts. These podcasts will help you expand your knowledge of human behavior, relationships, mental illnesses, and more.

Best Psychology Podcasts

While you could always read a book on psychology, listening to a podcast allows you to dive into the details, create pictures in your brain, and hear how others express their ideas and knowledge. These top 9 best psychology podcasts below will help you increase your knowledge and interest in psychology, whether you’re a psychology student or an aspiring therapist. 

1. The Psych Files

The Psych Files

Made especially for students of psychology, The Psych Files discusses many psychology-related topics such as the psychology of music, the stages of development, and why conspiracy theories are so easy to believe. 

By listening to The Psych Files, you’ll be able to memorize vocabulary words better, learn more about human behavior, and learn more about what is all in the mind.

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2. Speaking of Psychology

Speaking of Psychology

Created by the American Psychological Association and their Office of Public Affairs, Speaking of Psychology is a podcast focused on the psychology of personal development and current events. Recent discussion topics include how to form habits, how American politics resemble a terrible marriage, and why certain generations feel more stressed than others. 

By listening to the Speaking of Psychology podcast, you’ll learn more about psychological research and why people behave the way that they do.

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3. Beat Your Genes

Beat Your Genes

Beat Your Genes is an evolutionary psychology podcast that allows the listener to view life through their ancestors’ lens. It is made to help the reader find joy in the modern world and eradicate bad habits that have been inherited. 

If you’re looking for a psychology podcast that focuses on evolutionary psychology and personal development, Beat Your Genes is the podcast for you. By listening to this, you’ll be able to increase your self-esteem, improve your work ethic, and learn more about what made your generation the way that it is. 

The episodes in Beat Your Genes are great for evolutionary psychology students or learners who want to improve their relationships.

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4. The Science of Happiness 

The science of happiness podcast

The Science of Happiness is a psychology podcast that focuses on compassion, mindfulness, and gratitude. If you want a podcast that lets you apply your knowledge of psychology to real life, The Science of Happiness is the perfect pick.

In this podcast, you’ll learn more about talking to strangers, how to be more productive, and how to cope with loneliness during times of isolation. By following this podcast, you’ll be able to improve your self-care, immerse yourself in the psychology space of self-help, and work on building healthy patterns of behavior.

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5. The Positive Psychology Podcast 

The Positive Psychology Podcast

The Positive Psychology Podcast focuses on the science of happiness and how we can use our knowledge of psychology to better our lives. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn about handling your emotions, the traits that make someone a narcissist, and how to be a better parent.

Typically, the listeners of The Positive Psychology Podcast are interested in immersing themselves in a psychology field or getting a degree. Many listeners also love to learn more about psychological research and study the most interesting patterns of human behavior throughout the world.

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6. Therapy Chat

Therapy Chat

Hosted by integrative trauma psychotherapist Laura Reagan, Therapy Chat is a psychology podcast on Apple podcast that focuses on trauma therapy and mental health improvement. If you want to learn more about inherited family trauma, trauma therapy techniques, and overcoming adversity, Therapy Chat is a great place to start. 

The professionals on Therapy Chat work to provide resource guides to the listeners on how they can heal their minds from trauma.

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7. PsychCrunch


Created by the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest, PyshcCrunch is a psychology podcast on Apple Podcasts that explores the recent findings within psychological science. Current topics of discussion include maladaptive daydreaming, being more creative, and studying more effectively. 

PsychCrunch is one of the best podcasts to listen to if you want to learn more about how improving your mind can improve your life. You’ll learn about many psychology topics, including the most common biases, chemicals within the brain, and more research.

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8. Hidden Brain 

Hidden Brain

In the podcast Hidden Brain, host Shankar Vedantam talks about science and storytelling to reveal the real reasons behind our decisions. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn more about overcoming fear, developing habits, and how to cultivate gratitude. 

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9. Popcorn Psychology 

Popcorn Psychology

In the Popcorn Psychology podcast, three licensed therapists analyze popular movies and their most notable characters from a psychological perspective. If you’re interested in human behavior psychology and how it takes its place in film, Popcorn Psychology is the perfect podcast for you. 

By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn more about the schools of psychology and how they take place in each film. You’ll also learn more about how a degree in psychology can help you analyze films better and gain a deeper understanding of the mind.

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Final Thoughts: Best Psychology Podcasts

The episodes in the psychology podcasts above reveal the science behind human behavior and uncover the reasons behind our actions. By listening to these podcasts, you’ll learn more about the human mind, the chemicals within the brain, behavior therapy, and much more. 

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