Best Places To Sell Textbooks – 11 Top Picks That Will Pay You The Most

by | Jun 17, 2020

If the semester is over and you’re all done with your textbooks, don’t just let them sit around and collect dust on your shelf.  Turn them into cash!

Here are 11 of the best places to sell textbooks that will pay you the most money.

Best Places To Sell Textbooks

1- Your Local College Bookstore

Okay, this one was probably an obvious choice.  But even as the digital space continues to swell with new bookselling apps, your local college bookstore is still a valid option.  For one thing:

  • You know other students at your school will need that exact textbook
  • The bookstore is always buying
  • Sometimes the buy-back price is pretty decent (as long as the professor hasn’t switched textbooks for the next semester)
  • They pay instantly and usually in straight-up cash!

To really get the most bang for your buck, I’d at least call or take your textbooks to the bookstore and see what they have to offer.  If you don’t like the price they give you, you always have plenty of other options.

2- Amazon

As the largest retailer in the world, who can deny the power of Amazon?  Amazon is always a fantastic option because they generally have the greatest amount of search engine visibility – meaning if someone types of the name of your textbook into Google, more than likely there will be a link to Amazon on the front page. 

To sell books on Amazon you’ll need to register as a third-party seller.   If the textbook you’re trying to sell has listings from other people, then you’ll want to price your book competitively.  Remember that you’ll pay a $0.99 item fee and a variable closing fee to Amazon.  

Also, think about your buyer feedback rating.  If even one person gives you a poor rating, it could hurt your chances of ever selling on Amazon ever again.  Be sure to buy a tracking number when you ship the textbook and communicate it to your buyer so that they’ll know when it arrives. 

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3- BookScouter

Sell Textbooks - BookScouter

BookScouter has become a popular way for both college students and side hustlers to make some extra dough.  The reason is simple: They’ve made it incredibly easy to know if your textbook still has any value and then offload them as needed.

Using BookScouter’s mobile app, you can scan your textbook’s barcode and they will look it up.  You’ll then be presented with various offers from multiple other used book vendors that BookScouter has relationships with.  All you have to do is pick which one you’d like to go with.  

As part of the offers, you’ll also see dozens of ratings and reviews of each of the vendors so you’ll know which ones are truly legit.  If you like the price you’re being offered, then send the book in and make some money.  The shipping on BookScouter is always free and you’ll be paid on the same day that your book is received.

If that’s not helpful enough, BookScouter’s website also has a blog section that’s packed full of useful tips on all kinds of topics related to college students.

You don’t even have to be enrolled in a university to benefit from BookScouter.  Side hustlers have been using this app for some time to price check random used books at local thrift stores.

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4- BookByte

Sell Textbooks With BookByte

BookByte is another book flipping service where you simply enter the ISBN of your textbook, get an offer, and then send it off for review.  They then will then resell it to other students for a small profit.

Shipping is free (as long as its within the U.S.) and the price they quote you is valid for at least 30 days.  Payments are made via PayPal or check approximately 4 to 14 days after the book has been received and the condition has been validated.

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5- Decluttr

Sell Textbooks With Decluttr

You’ve likely heard about or seen ads for Decluttr for getting rid of random things around your house.  But Decluttr can also be used by students for offloading their used textbooks too.

Similar to BookScouter, Decluttr has a mobile app you can use to simply scan the textbook’s barcode and get an automatic quote.  If you like what you see, print out the mailing label, ship it for free, and wait to get paid.  Payments are made the day after your stuff arrives and can be sent to your PayPal or via direct deposit.

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6- eBay

What list of good places to sell stuff is ever complete without mentioning eBay?

Simply write a post for your textbook, add some photos, and wait for someone to buy it.  The pro to using eBay is that you can sell your textbook in any condition for whatever price you want.  The negative is that since you can buy just about anything in the world on eBay, there’s not necessarily a niche for selling used textbooks on their site, and so your book might not move as fast as you’d probably like.

Don’t forget eBay takes a 9% cut of your final selling price.  PayPal will also charge a small fee for facilitating the financial transaction.

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7- Beer Money Books

Sell Textbooks To Beer Money Books

With a name like “Beer Money Booksâ€, how can it not make this list?

This scrappy online service will give you an offer for your textbook, send you a pre-paid shipping label, and then pay you by check or PayPal.  Several satisfied users claim the service is extremely fast and easy to use.

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8- Barnes And Noble

As one of the last major brick and mortar bookstores, don’t underestimate Barnes and Noble in the running for potential options.  Not only do they have a huge network of physical bookstores, but they also have a reputable online presence too.

To see if your textbook qualifies, you can either go into a local Barnes and Noble store or go to their “Sell Your Textbook†webpage.  After entering the ISBN and getting your offer, you’ll be given pre-paid mailing labels to ship your books.  You must have a minimum value of $10 in books to participate.  

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9- BooksRun

Sell Textbooks To BooksRun

While there seem to be dozens of options for selling back your physical textbooks, there are not as many for ebooks.  That’s where BooksRun can come in handy.  In addition to having similar flipping services to the other used book services, they will also facilitate the sale of any digital books you had to purchase for your classes.

Payments are made by check or PayPal approximately 4 days after the textbook has been received and processed.

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10- TextbookRush

TextbookRush is another app-based textbook flipping service where you scan the ISBN, get an offer, and ship the book off for free.  Quotes are good for 20 days and you can choose to be paid via direct deposit or PayPal.  Or if you’d like to squeeze an extra 5% out of your transaction, you can opt for store credit that you can use for making textbook purchases of your own.

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11- Facebook Marketplace

If you’re going to sell something, don’t forget about Facebook Marketplace.  Not only is it completely free, but chances are if you live in a place where there are a lot of other students, then you should have no problem finding a buyer.

Final Thoughts: Best Places To Sell Textbooks

So the semesters over and you’re done with your current set of textbooks. Use this guide and find the best places to sell your textbooks so you can make back some of that money you spent. If your school year isn’t over yet, though, you may also be getting ready to buy a new round of textbooks. If that’s the case you may want to look for a good place to buy textbooks as well, such as eCampus. Either way, sell your current or old textbooks to one of the sites we mentioned and make some money! Whether it’s for your new books or just some spending cash, selling your textbooks can help put cash back in your pocket.

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