Best Places to Sell Books Online – Top 5 Choices For Getting Top Dollar

by | Aug 9, 2020

Lots of us have books around our house that we don’t read anymore. What’s more, most of these books are in great to perfect condition, even after we finish reading them. One of the best ways to make use of your used books is to sell them. In fact, many avid readers have considered selling their books as a lucrative side hustle. Not only is selling used books great to make extra cash, but it’s also great for the environment. 

The best websites to sell your books will allow you to let customers pitch a price, set your own price, and buy other books as well. Check out the best places to sell books online below to get top dollar for your books. 

Best Places To Sell Books Online

If you’re looking to get the best price for your books, look no further then our top 5 choices below.

1. BookScouter


Through BookScouter, you can sell, buy, and rent books. BookScouter helps you identify the most reasonable price for your book, search ISBNs to find specific books, review the buyback price history for any given ISBN. 

If you have a book that has minimal flaws or looks brand new, BookScouter is for you. Often, if your book is too damaged, a vendor will reject your book. Luckily, BookScouter has all the tools you need to identify your highest quality pieces, get paid through PayPal quickly, and package your book to make your buyers happy. 

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2. Half Price Books 

Halfprice books

Half Price Books is a bookstore that holds both new and used books. Selling your stuff to Half Price Books is easy since their criteria isn’t as strict as other book-selling websites. You can sell books, music, comics, and more to Half Price Books, making it easier than ever to make some extra cash. 

Half Price Books takes any type of book, whether you’re looking to sell a compelling memoir or a mystery. That being said, they often pay more for rare books and current best-sellers. 

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3. Amazon 


One of the easiest ways to sell your books online is to sell them through Amazon as a third-party seller. To do this, you must create a seller account. Luckily, it’s easy to become a seller through Amazon. Once you’re logged into your standard Amazon account, simply choose the Seller option from the Other Accounts section, and you’ll be guided through the process of selling your items through Amazon.

Being an individual seller on Amazon will allow you to choose your own fulfillment method, become a professional or individual seller, and sell any type of book that you want. 

Once you’re registered to sell on Amazon, the platform will allow you to add in the details about the books you’re selling. You’ll be able to tell customers the current condition of the book, when it will arrive, and much more. 

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4. Chegg 

Best Textbook Site-Chegg

If you’re looking to sell textbooks of any kind, Chegg is the platform for you. Once you sign up for Chegg and enter the ISBN of each title, you’ll get an instant quote to figure out how much each book is worth, taking away the guesswork that often comes with book-selling. 

Furthermore, Chegg allows you to print a shipping label easily and ship your book for free, allowing you to make 100% profit. Once you ship out your book(s), you’ll get paid instantly, making this platform both rapid and seamless. 

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5. Powell’s Books 

Powell's Books

Based in Portland, Oregon, Powell’s Books is the largest independent new and used bookstore in the entire world. They make it easy to turn your books into cash. To get started, all you have to do is enter the ISBN of your book. Immediately, you’ll receive an offer. If you like the bid, you can send it to their bookstore, and they’ll cover the freight.

Once you send off your book, you’ll receive credit in one of two ways of your choice: through credit or payment through PayPal. 

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Final Thoughts: Selling Books Online

Ultimately, selling your new or used books is a great way to declutter your living space, make extra cash, and help out the environment. The websites above will allow you to receive reasonable offers for your books, ship them out to buyers quickly, and make that extra money. 

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