Best Piano Learning Apps – Top 10 Picks To Help You Play Like A Pro

by | Sep 4, 2020

Whether you want to learn how to read sheet music or play more songs on the piano, there are many apps out there that can help you learn to play through your device or keyboard. Piano learning apps are perfect for both new piano players and advanced musicians, containing real piano instructors, various songs to choose from, and instant feedback on your skills. 

Once you’ve decided that you want to start learning how to play the piano through an app, it can be overwhelming to have to choose one piano app. While some apps involve personal training and instant feedback, others are more collaborative, allowing you to play with other users from all around the world.

To find a piano learning app that suits your needs, you must identify your current skills and what you want to accomplish. Luckily, many of the apps allow you to customize your lessons and work with a personal instructor to do so. That being said, it can be beneficial to identify your skill set before choosing the app that’s right for you. 

It’s also crucial to identify the way in which you plan to practice the piano. Many apps allow you to simulate a piano playing experience by turning any touch board into a keyboard. On the other hand, most of the piano playing apps will allow you to connect to your piano or keyboard and give you instant feedback once you start playing. 

No matter your goals, current skills, or the way in which you want to play, there is surely an app for that. Let’s take a closer look at the best piano learning apps so you can find the one that fits your needs.

Best Piano Learning Apps

The 10 piano learning apps below offer a variety of helpful features, including increasing difficulty within learning games, personal piano instructors, and integration of your own music choices. 

1. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano

Praised by almost 1 million users, Perfect Piano is an intelligent piano simulator that’s suitable for both your phone and tablet. This 88-key piano keyboard is completed with single-row mode, double-row mode, dual players, sound effects, and much more to help replicate the ultimate piano playing experience.

With Perfect Piano, you’ll have access to thousands of popular music scores, guidance patterns, and multiple adjustments. Furthermore, you’ll be able to play with other piano players from all around the world, chat in real time, and create guilds.

Play music any time with the Perfect Piano app and prepare for your real experience like no other.

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2. Yousician 


Yousician is one of the most popular apps used to learn how to play instruments. This app offers thousands of songs and teacher-crafted lessons to help you both practice and get 1-on-1 expert guidance that will help you improve your playing skills.

With award-winning technology and world-class educators, you can get real-time feedback and useful instructions that will help you adjust your playing practices and improve your skills with each new lesson.

This all-in-one app has everything you need to master your piano skills. With personalized lessons, progress tracking tools, and video tutorials, you’ll be able to channel your inner musician and improve your skills along the way. 

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3. Piano Academy 

Piano Academy

Suitable for both iPhone and iPad, Piano Academy is an app that allows you to learn notes and play songs. With this, you can learn piano fast from anywhere you’d like. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned piano player looking to improve your skills, this app will help you reach those goals.

This app offers an on-screen touch keyboard that allows you to start playing immediately and detect all of the notes that you play. With Piano Academy, you can also watch video tutorials, find a personal instructor, and learn about theory topics.

This all-in-one app acts as your personal piano, guidebook, and learning atmosphere so that you can practice, improve, and learn along the way. 

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4. Vivace: Learn to Read Music 


If you’re looking to improve your music reading skills, Vivace may be the app for you. Vivace is a practice tool for improving your music reading skills. With beautifully illustrated tutorials and tips on how to read notes, this app has all you need to become an advanced musician. 

With hundreds of music reading lessons and options for customization, Vivace offers the ultimate personalized learning experience to help you master your music skills. 

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5. Flowkey


With Flowkey, you can learn to play piano with songs that you love. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced player, this app offers personalized practice to help you play and improve your skills at the same time. Instead of taking weeks at a time to learn one song, Flowkey makes it easy to learn each new song in minutes!

Flowkey works with both pianos and keyboards, allowing you to practice notes and chords in any way possible. Once you get started, you’ll be able to instantly receive feedback and improve your playing skills. 

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6. Real Piano Teacher 

Real Piano Teacher

Trusted by millions of piano learners and teachers worldwide, Real Piano Teacher allows you to connect to a real piano and get instant feedback on your playing skills. If you hit the wrong key, you’ll know right away and be able to instantly fix your mistakes.

Entertaining and educational, this app features interactive piano teachers that are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Whether you want to use the built-in touch piano or a real piano keyboard, this app lets you do so. You can also play and record music and play fun games to learn new skills.

In no time, you’ll be able to play like a pro without having to practice for an endless amount of hours.

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7. Note Trainer Lite: Learn Piano 

Note Trainer Lite Learn Piano

Have fun learning music notes with Note Trainer Lite: Learn Piano. This app allows you to move away from rote memorization techniques and into an engaging learning process of piano playing. This app contains reading games that allow you to recognize music notes. Over time, each game increases speed and difficulty that will eventually allow you to recognize notes effortlessly.

Say goodbye to traditional flashcards and into an engaging game with Note Trainer Lite. Whether you’re looking to learn music notes or increase the speed at which you can recognize those notes, this app will help you do so.

Note Trainer Lite allows you to play in practice mode, adjust difficulty levels, and measure your progress to track improvement. 

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8. Melodics 


With a learning structure that puts you in charge and a wide variety of lessons to choose from, Melodics is one of the best ways to improve your piano skills. This desktop app lets you play piano with confidence and allows instant feedback to help you learn from your mistakes.

Play great-sounding music from modern genres and stay engaged while learning piano. Musicians love learning with Melodics due to its helpful tools that allow you to improve your fingerwork, learn new keys, and look forward to practicing your instrument every single day. 

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9. Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is an educational piano playing app that lets you learn to play piano through your favorite songs. Practice songs and piano lessons through your Mac, iPad, or on Windows. This app allows you to improve sight-reading and challenge yourself in a motivating environment. 

Piano Marvel can help you get instant feedback using the software itself. You don’t need to wait around for a piano instructor to assess your progress – you can get feedback directly in the app.

This app can also be a great tool for students who already have instructors. You can use Piano Marvel to practice and get real-time assessments so you can make the most out of your in-person piano lessons. Your instructor will likely be impressed by the progress you’ve made using Piano Marvel!

Piano Marvel lets you choose from thousands of songs to learn and has over 25,000 exercises for all levels. 

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10. Simply Piano 

Simple Piano App

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Simply Piano is one of the fastest ways to learn and improve your piano playing skills. This app works with any piano or keyboard and allows you to turn any touch screen into a virtual piano.

With this, you can find tons of fun songs, take various courses adjusted for your skill set, and read sheet music. This app will immediately recognize what you are playing and give you instant feedback, helping you learn and improve along the way. To start sounding like a pro, Simply Piano offers a variety of courses that can help you experience 2 full years of piano learning in no time. 

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Final Thoughts: Learning Piano Through Apps

The apps to learn piano above offer a variety of helpful features that allow you to get instant feedback, read sheet music, and more. Keep in mind that it’s best to assess your current skill set and future goals before purchasing a piano playing app that’s best for you. 

Once you’ve chosen an app to learn piano, you’ll be able to interact with others, learn quicker than ever, and play games that allow you to improve your skills. 

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