October 6, 2020

Best Online Spin Classes – 7 Highly Recommended Picks For Your Workout

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Spin classes, also known as indoor cycling classes, focus on endurance, strength, and high-intensity training. These classes are often done in groups and taught by an in-studio instructor. That being said, at-home workouts are on the rise, and many spin classes are being offered virtually.

Taking an online spin class will allow you to personalize your workout experience, have a more flexible schedule, and skip the commute time. Many online spin classes also allow you to connect your fitness devices to their app, letting you track your fitness progress and reach your goals faster.

There are many benefits to doing spin classes, including: 

  • Burning calories
  • Setting your own pace 
  • Joining a motivating community 
  • Building lean muscle 
  • Strengthening your core 

Below are the seven best online spin classes that offer various helpful features that will leave you looking forward to every workout.

Best Online Spin Classes

Despite your current fitness level, the classes below provide a wide array of features that are sure to fit your everyday needs. Whether you want to build endurance or join a resilient fitness community, the apps and websites below will give you all of that and more. 

1. Studio SWEAT onDemand

Studio Sweat On Demand

Studio SWEAT onDemand offers hundreds of online spin classes with new ones added every week. Studio SWEAT has world-class trainers that teach all of the classes. Their group classes also feature heart rate tracking so that you can compare your progress with the rest of the group! 

Studio SWEAT’s on-demand app lets you spin from wherever you are. If you have a more spontaneous workout schedule and you want to burn calories on-the-go, this may be the perfect app for you. Furthermore, if you prefer to workout in a motivating group environment, Studio SWEAT has the ideal options. 

Studio SWEAT offers spin classes, yoga, sculpt classes, and much more. If you don’t always have a bike with you, there is no need to worry, because Studio SWEAT’s versatile workout library will always have something to fit your needs and busy schedule. 

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2. Variis


For $40 a month, Variis provides you with unlimited, on-demand access to various transformative fitness classes. These classes include SoulCycle, Equinox, and many more popular brands that hold engaging spin and workout classes.

Although one of their most popular workouts is their spin classes, you can also do yoga flows, strength training, and much more through the app. If you want to reach all of your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home, the Variis app holds all that you will need.

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 3. CycleCast


Take spin classes right at home, or anywhere that there’s a bike, with CycleCast. CycleCast recreates the spin studio environment’s energy and motivation and brings it right to you through your device.

Taught by world-class instructors paired with the world’s best music that will motivate you to work out, CycleCast’s fun and effective spin classes will leave you looking forward to every workout. 

CycleCast offers 36 different workouts that vary from 20-40-60 minute time slots. CycleCast also allows you to integrate the app with either Apple Health or MyFitnessPal so that you can track your progress. If you want a personal workout experience that lets you follow your progress, this is the perfect app for you.

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4. Zwift


The Zwift app makes at-home cycling fun with their training app. Zwift combines video games and intensity training to simulate a real-life experience that will launch you into a virtual world. For instance, if you want to cycle near mountaintops in Arizona, Zwift will put you into that virtual world with other avatars.

With over 1,000 cycling classes taught by world-class fitness coaches, Zwift is both practical and fun. Whether you want to cycle in New York City or near a world-famous volcano, Zwift can take you there. 

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AARMY lets you take fitness classes both on-demand and on Zoom. Specializing in both spin and boot camp classes, for $35 a month, AARMY gives you unlimited access to all that they have to offer. 

New practice sessions are released every morning, helping you focus on both your physical and mental well-being. AARMY believes that everybody is an athlete, despite their current fitness level. If you want to upgrade your workout experience and be part of a resilient community, this may be the perfect app for you. 

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6. CycleBar Go

CycleBar Go

For $19.99 a month, CycleBar Go brings you indoor spin workouts on-demand. You can participate in CycleBar Go’s spin classes from either your phone or your computer. These spin classes are low-impact and high-intensity, making it both fun and effective.

CycleBar’s spin classes vary in intensity, length, and endurance. Once you join, you’ll have unlimited access to their vast array of spin classes. If you’re looking for a personalized fitness experience that involves at-home cycling, this is the app for you. 

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7. Lost Cycle 

Lost Cycle

Lost Cycle is a cycling studio that provides intense, full-body spin classes. Now, they’re offering free spin classes all on Instagram live! They stream live classes daily that are often completed by a strength training session.

Classes typically take place at noon. However, they are usually up for 24 hours, meaning that you can easily adjust these to fit your workout schedule. 

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Final Thoughts: Best Online Spin Classes

While there are so many online options for working out, from Yoga to Pilates, Spin can take your workout to the next level and help you build up your endurance and strength. The seven online spin classes above are taught by world-class instructors and are often paired with great music and interactive virtual experiences. Participating in the online spin classes above will help you gain a sense of community from your home, reach your fitness goals, workout on-the-go, and burn more calories while doing a fun spin workout.  

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