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by | Oct 31, 2019

The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, is a multiple-choice exam required for admission to most American and Canadian law schools. The exam has 4 sections: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and an unscored Writing Sample or Essay. It also includes an unscored experimental section. 

The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120 to 180 points, and top American law schools accept students with average scores in the 170s. Although some law schools permit the use of other tests for admission, only the LSAT is accepted by all ABA-accredited law schools and Canadian common-law law schools. 

The LSAT is administered by the Law School Admission Council, or LSAC. Previously, the exam was a pen-and-paper multiple-choice test. Since September 2019, it is offered digitally, with test-takers using tablets instead of booklets.

A high score on your LSAT exam is a core part of a strong application for admission to law schools, as well as contention for scholarships. Online prep courses can help you learn test-taking skills and strategies to improve your score. Get into the best law school possible and start your career in law. We’ve found the 10 best online LSAT review courses for you to choose from.

1. LSATMax Pro (LSATMax)


Take a course from a highly ranked provider: LSATMax’s LSAT prep app is the highest rated in the App Store, and their online course was rated the 2018 Best LSAT Review Course by Crush the LSAT. The course offers access to 20 full-length LSAT exams, as well as 6,200 practice questions. Students receive 4 textbooks and learn from more than 80 hours of video lessons. For help with tricky questions, you have access to instructor support and an online message board. The course is taught by a graduate of Harvard Law School with over a decade of teaching experience.

LSATMax Pro Price: $749.99 Sign up for the Course

2. LSAT Lessons (Khan Academy)

Khan Academy LSAT Videos

Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization with over 20,000 total free online video lessons across dozens of academic topics, offers a free LSAT prep course. It is divided into 11 sections, each with dozens of lessons. For each of the 3 scored sections of the LSAT, Khan Academy offers articles, video lessons, and worked examples. Additional information about the test in general and about logic skills is also available. These are self-paced online videos, and there are no practice exams or questions, but it is an excellent free course for those on a budget.

LSAT Lessons Price: Free Sign up for the Course

3. Complete LSAT Course (AlphaScore)

AlphaScore Complete LSAT Course

To see if AlphaScore’s LSAT course is the right option for you, the provider offers a free trial of their educational content. With the trial, watch 3 video lessons and tutorials, complete a practice exam and 125 practice questions. After a month of access, you can upgrade to one of their paid options. The Complete LSAT Course option offers access to over 50 video lessons, 10 official LSAT exams, over 1000 practice questions, as well as practice quizzes, assignments, in-depth explanations, and access to a personal instructor. You retain access to the course for 12 months.

If you’re struggling with only one section of the LSAT, Alpha Score also lets you enroll in just the section you’re hoping to improve, for a reduced price.  

Complete LSAT Course Price: $389 Sign up for the Course

4. LSAT Premium (Magoosh)

Magoosh LSAT Premium

If you’re hoping to improve your LSAT score on a budget, consider Magoosh, one of the most reasonably priced, self-paced prep courses. Magoosh guarantees you’ll improve your LSAT score by at least 5 points with their course or your money back. The course includes more than 500 official LSAT practice questions, over 90 video lessons on the exam’s 3 scored section, more than 550 explanation videos to LSAC’s Official LSAT Prep Tests, and over 550 additional practice questions. Get your questions answered with access to 24/7 email support. Unlike other options, each pricing tier gives you access to the same amount of content, but different lengths of time. And if you qualify for an LSAC fee waiver, Magoosh offers a free LSAT prep account to help you study.

LSAT Premium Price: 1 month for $99, 3 months for $129, or 12 months for $149 Sign up for the Course

5. Online Video Course (ScoreItUp LSAT Prep)

ScoreItUp LSAT Prep

If having a quality instructor is important to you, consider ScoreItUp’s Online Video Course. Taught by Mark Sacks, a graduate of Harvard Law School and a lecturer at the University of California Irvine with extensive teaching experience, this course includes 92 live instruction and exam hours, 8 mock exams, a tutorial on a writing sample, and admissions counseling. Sacks owns ScoreItUp, which exclusively offers LSAT prep. The course also includes access to an extensive document library, including quizzes and questions as well as explanations of over 3000 LSAT questions.

Online Video Course Price: 1 month for $299, 3 months for $499, 6 months for $649 Sign up for the Course

6. Live Online LSAT Prep (Blueprint)

Blueprint Live Online LSAT Prep

If you prefer in a live course taught online by an instructor, Blueprint offers great flexibility: the Live Online LSAT prep course is offered at different times of the day and week to fit any schedule. Both a condensed version of the course and an extended one are available depending on your needs and length of time until your exam date. In addition to learning resources, including customizable practice tests, smart homework, and performance analytics tools, you’ll have access to live online office hours provide an extra 12 hours a week of live instruction

Blueprint guarantees you’ll improve your score, or you’ll receive your money back. You can also rest assured that your teacher knows what they’re doing: Instructors must have scored at least 170 on their own LSAT exams and participate in almost 200 hours of training before beginning to teach, including improv comedy lessons to make sure they are engaging teachers. If you want to see how you live Blueprint’s resources before getting started, try their free LSAT resources first, including a practice LSAT, detailed score report and explanatory videos, and a tool to help you figure out which law schools are in your reach. 

Live Online LSAT Prep Price: $1,299 Sign up for the Course

7. LSAT Premium (7Sage)

7Sage LSAT Premium

7Sage’s mission is to provide top online LSAT prep courses at a cost affordable to everyone. Their Premium tier course offers 6 months of access to their materials at a reasonable price. You’ll have access to the core LSAT curriculum with over 400 lessons and over 50 hours of video lessons and methods for each section of the exam. Take 24 real LSAT exams and learn from your mistakes with full video explanations for each question on those exams. Printable PDFS are available for those who prefer to practice offline, and detailed analytics show you what to focus on. Watch over 2,700 explanations to LSAT questions and practice easy problem sets with over 600 questions. 7Sage also includes a digital tester for every LSAT and problem set to help you prepare for the new digital format.

LSAT Premium Price: $349 Sign up for the Course

8. Online LSAT Course (Fox LSAT)

Fox LSAT Online Course

Fox LSAT offers an online course taught by Nathan Fox, who scored 179 on his LSAT and has been teaching LSAT prep since 2007. In addition to owning Fox LSAT, Fox created a Thinking LSAT podcast and has written 6 LSAT books. The course includes over 80 hours of explanations, quizzes, copies of 3 of Fox’s top-rated LSAT books, and weekly 2-hour extra help sessions. The price gives you access to the course for one year and lets you study at your own pace. Fox will also provide feedback on a personal essay draft.

Online LSAT Course Price: $995, or try one lesson for free Sign up for the Course

9. Ultimate LSAT Prep Course (The Princeton Review)

Princeton Review Ultimate LSAT Prep Course

The Princeton Review’s most expansive course offers 84 hours of live instruction and over 8,000 practice questions. You receive a custom online lesson plan and learn from a qualified instructor. Total, it includes more than 150 hours of online content. You can take 6 full-length proctored exams, and you will have access to every released LSAT exam and LSAC question.

Ultimate LSAT Prep Course Price: $1,299 Sign up for the Course

10. Live Online LSAT Prep Course (Kaplan)

Kaplan Live Online LSAT Prep Course

If you prefer to learn in an interactive setting while led by a teacher, education provider Kaplan offers an expansive course. One teacher leads the live class, while others lead a group chat, help you one-on-one in a private chat, and reach out to you. The Live Online course includes eight 4-hour sessions of live online instruction, as well as 2 full-length, in-class proctored practice exams. The course is tailored to the new digital LSAT format. You will also have access to over 80 released LSAT exams with self-proctoring tools, detailed feedback, and LSAT prep books. Kaplan also offers a score improvement guarantee.

Live Online LSAT Prep Course Price: From $1,299 Sign up for the Course

Your LSAT score is a key component of your law school applications and your eligibility for scholarships. If you’re ready to improve your performance, enroll in one of these LSAT review courses and set yourself up for success in law school.

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