Best LSAT Prep Books – 8 Top Choices For Your Studying

by | Jul 8, 2020

For prospective law school candidates, The Law School Admission Test will dictate which law school they end up attending. This test has been designed to assess critical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and persuasive writing skills. Unlike any test you’ve taken in your academic career, the LSAT is a great way to display your skillset in relation to skills needed to succeed in law school. Since it’s unlike any other test before, it’s crucial to start preparing early on.

The test comprises five sections that are all made up of multiple-choice questions. There are two sections on logical reasoning and the others being on analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, and an unscored variable section. At the end of the test, a writing sample is administered. 

Scored on a scale from 120-180, the average score is about 150. However, if you’re looking to get into one of the top 25 law schools, a score of 160 barely meets the minimum requirement. Requiring at least 3-6 months of your time, preparing and studying for the LSAT is a large undertaking. That’s where prep books come in. We’ve gathered the information on the best LSAT prep books so you can get prepared.

Best LSAT Prep Books

Studying and preparing for the LSAT is no easy feat. While there are many ways to study, such as taking an LSAT prep course or joining a study group, having the right LSAT prep book can also be extremely beneficial. Below are the top 8 books and resources to help you prepare for the LSAT.

1. The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim

The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim

The LSAT Trainer is a remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven prospective law student. To improve your LSAT score significantly without having to pay for tutors or online courses, this is the book for you. This book allows you to go at your own pace, identify your weaknesses, and improve as you work your way through the book.

This has been called the most effective LSAT prep book available today. A must-have for your LSAT prep materials, this book provides over 200 official LSAT practice questions, over 30 unique test-taking drills, and access to a variety of LSAT study organizers. By buying this book, you’ll be able to create a perfect, individualized study plan for the LSAT.

2. LSAT Prep Plus by Kaplan Test Prep

LSAT Prep Plus by Kaplan Test Prep

Updated for the digital LSAT, this prep book by Kaplan Test Prep includes tons of practice questions, an official practice exam, and in-depth test-taking strategies to help you score higher each time you take the test. By purchasing this book, not only will you have access to great test prep materials, but also instructor-led online workshops and expert videos that are included.

If you’re looking to face the LSAT with confidence and improve your score over time, this is the book for you. Written by experts, with the customized LSAT study plans, interactive workshops, and test analytics that analyze your performance, this is the perfect all-in-one tool for LSAT prep.

3. 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Questions by Manhattan Prep

5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Questions by Manhattan Prep

Created by the top 1% of LSAT instructors, this book is the perfect resource to gain access to expert advice. With over 5,000 practice questions to help you improve your score, this book has no shortage of preparation exercises to help you succeed. Every LSAT question tests combined skills, making it difficult to pinpoint which skills are your strengths and which skills are your weaknesses.

Luckily, this 5-pound practice book takes the guesswork out of your score analysis. By testing each skill individually, you’ll be able to maximize your performance and improve along the way. In addition to thousands of questions across 180 test drills, this book includes cheat sheets about each question type, an interactive online forum, and downloadable flashcards to help you study on the go! 

4. LSAT Premium Prep by The Princeton Review 

LSAT Premium Prep by The Princeton Review

In this #1 best-selling LSAT prep book, you’ll find three real LSAT prep tests, proven test-taking strategies and helpful review. Updated for the digital LSAT, this is the perfect comprehensive resource to score the highest on the LSAT. This book provides everything you need to know about the LSAT to score high.

Equipped with step-by-step examples on how to solve real LSAT problems, coverage of each LSAT topic, and targeted expert instruction, this book has all you need to master the LSAT on test day.

5. LSAT Prep Books by Test Prep Books

With two full-length practice tests and a comprehensive study guide, this LSAT prep guide is the perfect resource to help increase your score. Made by experts at Test Prep Books, this book provides you with practice questions, answer explanations, and an overview of each LSAT section to help you understand the structure of the test.

If you’re looking to understand the details and format of the LSAT before it’s in front of you, this is the perfect resource. With every question you miss, Test Prep Books will help you understand why and improve your score along the way.

6. The LSAT Tutor by APEX Test Prep

APEX test prep claims that preparing for the LSAT should never be harder than the LSAT itself. Packed with straightforward instruction, test-taking tips, practice questions, and more, this book has all you need to feel confident about the LSAT. To get into the mind of LSAT test makers, you must understand the reason behind each formatted question. Thankfully, this is exactly what The LSAT Tutor helps you do!

Making test prep easy, APEX test prep provides you with ways to test your skills, information about test day, scoring, and more.

7. LSAT Prep Books by Mometrix Law School Admissions Test Team

This LSAT prep book has all you need to know about the LSAT’s trick questions and secrets. Whether you’re looking to pass the test or score in the top 10%, this book can help you get there. Including a complete review of each section, tips, and strategies, this book has all you need to know to feel confident and prepared on the day of the LSAT.

This book is filled with critical information such as much-needed vocabulary terms and tricky concepts. This is not just a prep book, but an entire guide to pass your exam. In the end, this book will help you understand the format of the LSAT, understand the reasoning behind each answer, and understand the dense academic language that the text contains. 

If you’re still not 100% confident about taking the LSAT, check out Mometrix Test Team’s flashcards created just for LSAT prep. 

8. LSAT Prep by Kim Young

LSAT Prep by Kim Young

This LSAT prep book contains two complete practice tests, lengthy example questions, study hints, and more. To maximize both your test-taking potential and LSAT score, this book is for you. Helping you get into the law school of your dreams and score over 160, this book includes common questions, LSAT test-taking methods, and what you’re expected to have mastered to succeed in each section.

With over 100 worked out answers for the reasoning sections, 10 best study tips for the night before, and writing samples, this book is all you need to succeed on test day!

You Can Also Take An LSAT Prep Course

Studying for your LSAT with a great prep book is always extremely helpful, but if you’re looking to expand your knowledge even more you can add an LSAT prep course to your studying as well. We’ve seen quite a few LSAT prep courses, but our top pick is Magoosh LSAT Prep.

Magoosh LSAT Prep

With Magoosh LSAT Prep you’ll get comprehensive prep, over 7,000 official LSAT questions, explanation videos from their tutors, practice tests, study schedules, and more. Additionally, Magoosh LSAT Prep also guarantees that your score will improve by at least 5 points or you can get your money back. If you want to add an LSAT prep course to your studying, try out Magoosh LSAT Prep!

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Final Thoughts: Preparing For Your LSAT

To determine if you’re ready for the LSAT, taking practice tests that come with the books above will allow you to assess your preparedness. Not only will you be exposed to practice tests just like the exam, but you’ll also have access to expert advice and test-taking strategies. 

With your combined resources of practice tests, review books, and detailed answer explanations, you’ll be more equipped than ever to score in the upper range on the LSAT. More importantly, you’ll be more prepared to get accepted into your dream law school. 

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