Looking at it quite honestly, 2019 was the year of the ultimate fit body! 6 packs (and even 8 and 12!) emerged faster on our Insta feeds than you could say “fitness” and being fit suddenly became a very, very lucrative livelihood. (Look at Michelle Lewin!). However, just because fitness hit a new high seemingly overnight, there are no shortcuts to being fit and having the kind of healthy body you want. Yes, all those videos of people doing 100 push-ups and 20-second handstands may leave you amazed, but a lot of blood, sweat, toil and hours goes into these things! You could try yoga, but maybe you’re looking to take it up a level and experience Crossfit.

Diving entirely into fitness will, honestly, take more than an online CrossFit course; however, if you’re looking to get started on your CrossFit journey or want to supplement your regular workouts, maybe think about starting to teach CrossFit. These courses are sure to help you out! Here’s a review of our top online CrossFit courses. 

The CrossFit Online Lesson Planning Course — CrossFit.Com

Best Online CrossFit Courses website

We start our list with course meant for those looking to take CrossFit seriously and turn it into their careers; if you want to add improving your organizational skills and efficiently planning and conducting training sessions to your passion of doing CrossFit, this course is a great option. Through the course, students will learn the importance of planning sessions, common elements of group-training sessions, assessing and managing the time needed for these elements during sessions and building complete lesson plans. Once you complete the course, you receive a certificate of completion, that’ll help you in your further learning (if you intend to do it!). The best part? There are no prerequisites to do this course.

The CrossFit Online Lesson Planning Course Price: $60 Sign up for the Course

Competitor Program — RAW Strength and Conditioning 

RAW Strength and Conditioning Website

Aimed at individual athletes (especially competitors of CrossFit competitions) and gyms, this RAW Strength and Conditioning program is an intensive program that isn’t just about lessons, workouts and keeping fit; it’s about a community of individuals aimed to improve their athletic performance. Students get a hands-on approach to learning from coaches who not only log your results but offer advice, support and a ton of mentoring that’ll help you up to your game as an athlete. You even get a week-long free trial before you have to pay for the course. If that doesn’t convince you of the course’s quality, maybe the fact that famous names such as Brent Fikowski and James Newbury also swear by this course, will!

Competitor Program Price: Requires online membership; different courses have different membership fees — this course is priced at $15 a week. Sign up for the Course

The Conjugate Gymnastics Program — Conjugate Gymnastics

Conjugate Gymnastics website

With the aim of helping course-takers improve their overall bodyweight strength, this program from Conjugate Gymnastics is unique for its incorporation of resistance and constantly rotating exercises and how effectively and efficiently the two have been combined. Thus, students improve both their body weight to strength ratio as well as their General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and Specialized Physical Preparedness (SPP). The course is designed according to the fitness level of the individual (beginners, intermediate and professional athletes); prices and session frequency also vary accordingly.

The Conjugate Gymnastics Program Price: $35 per month for “Foundation” (beginners), $20 per month for “Light” (intermediate/in-season athletes) and $45 per month for “Competitors” (elite-level athletes). Sign up for the Course

Women’s Lean Fitness Program — WODstar 

WODstar Website

WODstar is one of the most versatile fitness programs out there, great for everyone from coaches to home gym rats to coaches to CrossFit athletes. Their CrossFit movement index is supposed to be one of the best online, with stellar CrossFit programming from the stalwarts of the field, such as Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet. A great option for all the ladies out there aiming for their best beach bod this summer, the Women’s Lean Fitness Program has hours of videos, workouts of the day (WoD), programs, techniques and forums where students can ask and answer questions as well as support each other on those down days! Meant for intermediate to advanced CrossFit practitioners, the course has 5 workouts a week, covering a range of topics from isolation training to post-workout stretching to fat-burning to meal planning to hypertrophy to general conditioning. 

Women’s Lean Fitness Program Price: $49.99 per month or $300 per year Sign up for the Course

Spot the Flaw — CrossFit.Com

Spot the Flaw Page Link

The “Spot the Flaw” program is another stellar program from CrossFit.Com; this one’s aimed at trainers and helps them develop the ability to find faults in commonly-used functional movements’ techniques, whether it’s gymnastics, weightlifting or mono-structural modalities in question. This course is an introductory course and therefore, can be taken by anyone who’s interested, but some amount of prior knowledge about fitness will help students understand the course material better. Each of the course’s modules includes a test; successfully completing the course will earn students a certificate of completion and credits that will count towards further courses on the same site. 

Spot the Flaw Price: $60 Sign up for the Course

Mayhem 30 — CrossFit Mayhem 

Mayhem 30 Page Link

One of the best options for those who have hectic work schedules or have their hands full looking after their kids, the Mayhem 30 program lets course takers workout within the comfort of their own homes minus the need for any advanced gym equipment. The program consists of 30-minute workouts designed for those who are crunched for time, such as frequent travelers, parents, and workaholics; there are 6 days of working out each week, with each workout including a warm-up, the actual workout, and a cool down. Though it may seem like 30 minutes is too short a duration and the program is aimed at only one demographic, it’s open to anyone and everyone healthy enough to stand, sit and get off the floor! Additionally, there’s a 10-day free trial to let you experience the program before you decide to make the commitment.

The CrossFit Running Course — CrossFit.Com 

The CrossFit Running Course Page

For those who want to improve their basic running technique and learn more about it, this course looks into the elements that make up running, identifying a successful stride, identifying faults and basic gait analysis. The best part? The course is an hour-long course, post which you can apply all that you’ve learned in your running immediately! Students can either take this course as an introduction to the basic pose-running technique or as a CrossFit Running Workshop primer. As with all CrossFit.com courses, students receive a certificate of completion and credits. 

The CrossFit Running Course Price: $30 Sign up for the Course

The Obstacle Race Course Performance Program — WODstar 

Obstacle Race Course Performance Program

Open to athletes of all skill levels, this obstacle race training program helps students gear up to conquer obstacle courses with ease. As such, it includes pulling, pushing, lifting, running, throwing and conditioning your body to meet the demands of the various challenges in these courses. It’s open to anyone who wants to run an obstacle race or is looking to build strength and endurance. Additionally, it also helps increase running speed and mental endurance, both of which go a long way in helping complete obstacle courses; the latter’s great for dealing with life, too! The modules include strength training, endurance, obstacle-specific workouts, and CrossFit-based WoD that are designed to accommodate skills, abilities, and goals of different types, whether it’s coming in first, doing a race for the first time or just crossing the finish line! 

The Obstacle Race Course Performance Program Price: $29.99 per month, $39.99 for 3 months, $69.99 for 6 months and $130 for a year Sign up for the Course

Masters Program — Raw Strength and Conditioning 

Masters Program Raw Strength and Conditioning

This course is designed specifically for master athletes, with age-group and fitness-level-specific workouts. The course is also extremely flexible, accounting for additional responsibilities in mature athletes’ lives, such as family, work and the like. Students of this course not only get to strike a workout-work balance but also make the Masters Regionals and the Masters Games. The course also accounts for possible accumulated injuries and other physical and mental pressure, giving these conditions their due attention and helping athletes work around them. Weekly programs are published in advance, with pre-programmed active recovery days, coaching and feedback through email and comments and competition strategy, preparation, and analysis.

Masters Program Price: $15 per week Sign up for the Course

Healthy Lifestyle Program — Raw Strength and Conditioning 

Healthy Lifestyle Program by Raw

If you’re not a competitor, coach or athlete, it doesn’t mean CrossFit is of no use to you; CrossFit can help maintain a super-healthy lifestyle, which is what this course aims to help students develop through the practice of CrossFit. This standalone program combines gymnastics, Olympic lifting, strength training and endurance training to help students maintain their general level of fitness and live a long life! The course consists of warm-ups, scaled options so that students can work out according to their comfort level and direct contact with a RAW coach (including feedback and coaching). The weekly programs are published in advance and the course promises to help students build power, strength, and agility while increasing muscle mass and fitness and reducing body fat.

Healthy Lifestyle Program Price: $15 per week Sign up for the Course

The Final Word 

We hope our round-up of the best fitness courses online has not only inspired you to become the next fitness sensation but just live a healthier life in general. Remember, not having time is no longer an excuse; all you need is some space and the internet to live healthily! And of course, just signing up for a course isn’t going to make you fit; it requires dedication, discipline, and commitment. Put these in and you’ll find that those washboard abs aren’t such a far-away dream, after all.

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