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by | Apr 15, 2020

You know that feeling? The one you get when you finally have a moment to sit on your couch and relax. Sure, some people like a nice yoga session and others have exotic hobbies – but nothing beats an ice-cold brew. Whether brewing beer at home or stopping by a new brewery in town, there’s a booming new culture surrounding craft beer. You don’t have to rely on picking up a 6-pack of the usual on the way home from work on a Friday night. You can brew your own, creative blends of hops and other ingredients and ferment them to perfection. 

Whether you’d like to try your hand at a few brews in your garage or you plan on sharing your brews with the entire neighborhood with your own brewery, there’s a science, and art, to make the best craft beers. 

If you’re ready to learn more about the fun and adventurous new world of brewing beer, you’ll need to learn from the best. We’ve reviewed the top 7 online beer brewing courses for you. You’ll find everything from brewing at home to how to run a brewery to a beer brewing apprenticeship. 

1. Learn How to Brew Beer at Home in 5 Easy Steps (Udemy)

Udemy - Brew Beer at Home

One of the best online beer brewing courses comes from Udemy. Udemy is a one-stop-shop for courses on nearly anything you could think of. Beer brewing is no exception. This basic course will give you a step-by-step guide to producing your first homebrew, complete with a list of necessary equipment and a recipe for a pale ale. You’ll also learn how to bottle your new brew to share it with friends. 

You will have lifetime access to this course, which includes over two hours of video lectures and three downloadable resources. The video lectures can be watched from a computer, mobile device, or TV so you can take the course with you wherever you’d like. Learn everything from how the equipment works to how the fermentation processes change the yeast in this fun and informative home brewing course.

Learn How to Brew Beer at Home in 5 Easy Steps Price: $19.99 Sign up for the Course

2. Beer: The Science of Brewing (edX)

edX - The Science of Brewing

It is a combination of ingredients, chemical reactions, and carefully controlled processes that ultimately affect the taste and aroma of your beer. To produce the best craft beer, whether at home or at the brewery, it’s important to understand how all this works together. Brewing beer is about science and this course from KULeuvenX through the edX platform can give you all the basics. 

This intermediate course lasts 13 weeks and requires about four to six hours of study each week. There are 11 modules, including a final exam. Expert speakers who are professionals in their respective industries offer unique insight into the world of craft brewing. While you can take this course completely free, you can also earn a certificate that you can add to your resume. 

Beer: The Science of Brewing Price: Free, $99 for certificate Sign up for the Course

3. The Science of Beer (edX)

edX - The Science of Brewing

Looking for an introductory course that covers all the basics? The Science of Beer course developed by Wageningen University and Research does just that. You’ll learn about the ingredients used to produce beer and the supply chain involved. The process of creating beer from these raw materials is fascinating and also covered. From there, learn more about how beer is marketed through mass media like television and social media. 

As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn the basics of just how beer affects your body, both short-term and long-term. Lasting only six weeks with just two to four hours per week of study, this introductory course was an edX prize nominee for 2019. 

The Science of Beer Price: Free, $49 for certificate Sign up for the Course

4. Craft Beer & Brewing

Craft Beer and Brewing

Sometimes just one course won’t cut it, especially if you are planning to make beer brewing more than a garage hobby. With Craft Beer & Brewing, you have access to over 50 courses with your yearly subscription. Earn a certificate and build onto your growing list of skills for each course you complete. All courses are self-paced and include video lectures, interactive media, and quizzes to test your knowledge. 

You can access your courses anywhere from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Receive weekly email and access to one new brewing video each month reserved only for subscribers. Receive new issues of their magazine plus access to their archives. Courses include Brewing with Alternative Grains, Advanced Yeast Management, and Successful Kettle Souring with Resident Culture Brewing.

Craft Beer & Brewing Price: Free Trial, $99/Year All Access Sign up for the Course

5. Chemistry of Beer (University of Oklahoma)

The Chemistry of Beer course offered by prestigious OU focuses on the chemical and biochemical reactions that take place between the four main ingredients in beer. You’ll learn everything from the basic chemistry that makes beer what it is to the history of beer going back as far as we know it goes. Although the course focuses mainly on chemistry, it’s designed to be beneficial for everyone from homebrewers to craft brew connoisseurs. 

This course is available for both OU students and learners who aren’t attending college at all. However, if you do happen to need college credit, you can earn one just by learning about beer. On-campus students take this course over eight weeks. Distance learning students can learn at their own pace. 

Chemistry of Beer Price: $199 Sign up for the Course

6. Beer Quality and Analysis (Oregon State University)

OSU - Beer Quality

While not offered completely online, the Beer Quality and Analysis series at Oregon State University offers advanced brewers a unique perspective into the world of production brewing. You’ll start out learning online and then attend a week-long seminar at their campus in Corvallis, Oregon. At the campus, you will get hands-on experience from some of the most well-respected professionals in the brewing industry. You won’t want to miss the tour of the hop farm. 

Oregon State University offers a fermentation science research program that is globally recognized for its focus on both the chemistry of brewing and scaling the brewing process for production. Students visiting for the on-site portion of this course will get to enjoy not just the brews but the unique, Oregon brew culture as well. 

Beer Quality and Analysis Price: $2,500 tuition, $60 registration fee Sign up for the Course

7. Executive Overview of the Brewing Process (Seibel Institute)

Seibel - Overview

This overview course is designed to help those in decision-making roles within breweries or those who looking to get into these roles, understand basic operations. Professionalism is important, ethics are vital, but making the right choices for your business is a matter of financial and managerial success. The World Brewing Academy and Doemens have partnered with the Seibel Institute to create a comprehensive overview.

Available completely online, you’ll study for just three weeks and a total of 21 hours. Created as an introductory course to brewery and industry operations, you’ll have a much better understanding of how things work from the supply chain to marketing. When it comes to learning about brewing and business operations, the Seibel Institute is top-notch and one of the most recommended names in the industry. 

Executive Overview of the Brewing Process Price: $885 tuition, $100 processing fee Sign up for the Course

There are online courses for beer brewing for any comfort level or size of operation depending on what interests you. You might find that you start with a 5-gallon bucket of homebrew and it grows into a passion. Wherever you start on this adventurous journey, you’ll find helpful instruction and mentorship online. Not to mention the fellowship of other craft brew enthusiasts. So, use this article on the best online beer brewing courses and get brewing today!

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