Here’s a fun riddle: What’s digital, behaves like the Marauder’s Map (shameless Harry Potter reference) and tracks activity on a website?

If Google Analytics was your first thought, you either read the title of this blog or book three of the Harry Potter series. One is more impressive than the other, but we’re here to talk about a real accomplishment, one you can put on your resume—and that’s becoming an expert in Google Analytics.

Just so we’re on the same page, Google Analytics is a digital tool for understanding how users find and interact with a website. With insights like how purchases are made, which web pages get the most traffic, and how long visitors stay on a page, using Google Analytics is like getting the bird’s-eye view of a website.

A wide range of careers will naturally require this expertise, such as web analyst, content producer or digital marketing manager. If this sounds like you (or a part of your future), dig in to one of these 10 courses to start mastering the basics of web analytics.

1. Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy

If you need a serious resume boost, get your training from the creators of Google Analytics. Their comprehensive program for earning a certificate (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) has only three steps, one of which is taking Google Analytics for Beginners. If you can tackle the next course, Advanced Google Analytics, the last step is passing the (free) Analytics IQ exam. That’s it!

According to Google, this learning path will give you the best foundation for earning the GAIQ. With a series of video lessons, screen-share tutorials and topic quizzes, Google essentially prepares you to ace their own exam. Considering the $0 price tag on this experience, you won’t find a better deal on or off the web.

Google Analytics Academy Price: Free Sign up for the Course

2. Udemy, Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified & Earn More

Udemy Google Analytics Certification

Want to become Google Analytics certified by tomorrow? With content centered around the Analytics IQ exam, this course promises a one-day training to get you there.

It sounds like a tall order at first, but testimonials don’t lie. There are a lot of reviews—more than dozens—claiming this course helps you pass the Analytics IQ exam. That might be because course instructor Daragh Walsh (who is certified himself) organizes the information in the best way possible, covering glossary terms and even mirroring Google’s beginner and advanced courses. With tons of practice questions and a mock exam, this is a solid option for obtaining the GAIQ as soon as possible.

Udemy, Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified & Earn More Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

3., Google Analytics Essential Training

Lynda Google Analytics Essential Training

The instructor for this course has been working with Google Analytics for 15 years. With such an extensive background, Corey Koberg takes a more traditional approach to teaching; the emphasis is not on passing any test, but rather, getting a good foundation in analytics.

The course begins exactly where it should—by explaining how to set up a Google Analytics account. For non-web designers, this is often the hardest part. Fortunately, Corey details how to install Google Analytics tracking tags on a website, so no worries there. With over 300,000 views, this course is perfect for students seeking a more conventional training., Google Analytics Essential Training Price: offers a free one-month trial. After that, the price is $29.99 per month. Sign up for the Course

4. Alison, Google Analytics

This course is heavily focused on analyzing ads. This is apparent from the first lesson, which takes students through the process of linking AdWords to Analytics. If you’re past the point of setting up an Analytics account and simply need to focus on tracking sales, this training is for you.

Even down to the modules, everything about Alison’s course is laser-focused. Training topics include improving campaigns, conversion funnels, segmenting adwords, identifying high spenders and more. The end-of-course assessment requires an 80% score to pass, which is a significant cut above average. With the potential to earn a certificate, this training is a no-brainer that communicates your expertise in a key area—helping clients make money!

5. Skillshare, Ultimate Google Analytics course + 50 practical tips

Ultimate Skillshare Google Analytics 50 Practical Tips

In this course’s introduction, Pravel Brecik cuts straight to the chase. Topics like how to set up an account or create basic measurements in Google Analytics will not be covered.

“You can find thousands of tutorials about it, and it’s not the place where the money and value is generated,” he says.

Pavel’s goal is to help people drive their business to success, and he only covers tools relevant to that mission. Admitting up front that he won’t go over how to create tons of reports, he hones in on things that make a difference, such as improving site speed, socio-demographic data and mobile experience. After all, if a site doesn’t load quickly and looks wonky on user’s phones, it won’t gain enough traffic to properly analyze.

Skillshare, Ultimate Google Analytics course + 50 practical tips Price: You can join Skillshare for free, but you’ll need a premium account to access this course. Skillshare offers a free 30-day trial; after that, premium membership is $8.25 per month. Sign up for the Course

6. CXL, Google Analytics for Beginners

CXL Google Analytics for Beginners

This is one of the longer Google Analytics courses on the web. Clocking in at over 6 hours, CXL’s in-depth course is focused on building analysts who can deliver results. The streamlined curriculum includes a tour of the software, tips for jumping into web analytics and how to analyze traffic reports.

If you want lifetime access to this course, you should know it’s a tad more pricey than other options. CXL markets this course as “perfect for teams,” so if you have a web department, the price of $499 might justify a group training. But if you’re an individual, the real value of this course is being able to reference it forever—and a certificate you can display on your LinkedIn profile.

CXL, Google Analytics for Beginners Price: Purchase lifetime course access for $499 or get a subscription at $199 per month. Sign up for the Course

7. PluralSight, Google Analytics for Creative Professionals

PluralSight Google Analytics for Creative Professionals

For journalists, designers and other creatives who aren’t ‘numbers’ people, you’ve come to the right place. Google Analytics for Creative Professionals understands that not everyone is a web analyst by trade. 

For example, imagine being the employee who simply uploads content to a website. As your role expands, it’s quite possible your boss will call on you to analyze whether that quiz you added to a specific blog impacted the page’s bounce rate. Aimed at creatives, this course is perfect for professionals who need to know which content performs the best, as well as which content to produce more of.

PluralSight, Google Analytics for Creative Professionals Price: PluralSight offers a free 10-day trial. After that, choose from subscription tiers: $35 monthly, $299 annually or a $449 annual plan. Sign up for the Course

8. Skillshare, Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Skillshare Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Jeff Sauer, a Google Analytics user since 2005, is the course instructor for this training. He was one of the first beta testers of the platform, so his Fundamentals course is sure to contain a wealth of information you can trust. With 95 percent of students saying the training either met or exceeded their expectations, this course definitely delivers.

It’s worthwhile to mention that Jeff lives and breaths digital analytics. His personal site coins him as an expert Google Analytics speaker and consultant. Sometimes you’re not sure if a course instructor has a passion for teaching, but there’s no confusion here with Jeff. He has shared his expertise with both beginner analysts and huge brands such as Gerber, Berkshire Hathaway and Nestlé.

Skillshare, Fundamentals of Google Analytics Price: You can join Skillshare for free, but you’ll need a premium account to access this course. Skillshare offers a free 30-day trial; after that, premium membership is $8.25 per month. Sign up for the Course

9. ClickMinded, Google Analytics Training

ClickMinded Google Analytics Training

This course is all about increasing conversions. Using a laser-focused set up, ClickMinded’s Google Analytics Training throws out the ‘big data’ hype and hones in on the core metrics that double e-commerce revenue.

One of the perks of this course is that it encourages students to apply Analytics knowledge to their current situation. Much more than a platform overview, this training is not going to cover every Google Analytics report; instead, it focuses on the ones with the most impact. Other helpful perks include a GAIQ study guide, lifetime access to the course and a risk-free, money back guarantee. With such attractive benefits, this high-end course is worth a look! 

ClickMinded, Google Analytics Training Price: $497 Sign up for the Course

10. Udemy, The Complete Digital Marketing Course12 Courses in 1

Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course

Let’s face it. Google Analytics is primarily a digital marketing tool. The people who use it either own a website or work with a business/clients to help maintain one. It’s very likely that these professionals will need a 360-degree view of marketing that goes beyond site analytics, such as social media, Facebook and email marketing.

If you’re an entrepreneur, absolutely learn Google Analytics. But while you’re at it, take this course and learn how to be a digital marketer who can use it well! This comprehensive training covers Google Analytics plus 12 areas of digital marketing everyone should know—especially if you’re going to be a solopreneur. You get lifetime access to the training, plus a certificate of completion, so get the best bang for your buck with this amazing course.

Udemy, The Complete Digital Marketing Course—12 Courses in 1 Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

The possibilities are endless…

As you can see, there are many ways to approach your hunt for the perfect Google Analytics course. Start by identifying your goals, then determine which course will benefit you the most (earning a certificate, becoming an e-commerce expert, analyzing content performance, etc.). 

No matter what your endgame is, this dynamic course list has something for everyone. Take the leap and find the right path for you!

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