Best Books On Capitalism – 12 Picks You Should Read Next

by | Jun 23, 2021

Understanding the role of capitalism within a democracy can help you learn more about history, supply & demand, and economics. By reading books about capitalism, you’ll have access to personal stories and case studies about businesses that have gained power in a moral way. You’ll also be able to gain a deeper understanding of how capitalism impacts the lives of others, from the wealthy to the poor.

What are the best books on capitalism, you ask? We’ve got the answers! We’ve gathered up a list on the very top books on capitalism so you can read, learn, and discover. So, without much further, let’s dive in!

Best Books on Capitalism

Below are the best capitalism books that touch on the nature of capitalism, how we can benefit from capitalism, and how our country can prevent the collapse of capitalism in the future. Many of these books also touch on the history of America, the future of its economy, and the role of capitalism in the current system.

Whether you want a job on Wall Street or you love learning about economics, the capitalism books below will give you a better sense of how things work. Keep reading to learn more about capitalism, the economy, and the future of the nation.

The New Gilded Age

Best Books On Capitalism-New Gilded Age by David Grusky

The New Gilded Age by David Grusky is an important economics book all about the critical inequality debates of the decade. Praised by The Wall Street Journal, this book explores the five critical issues in the new world, including income inequality, gender inequality, and the most pressing problems related to American politics. Ultimately, this book begs the question: can we uphold a meaningful democracy if the richest people in society hold political privilege?

If you want to learn more about financial crises, human history, and corporate America, The New Gilded Age is one of the best books for you! By reading this book, you’ll learn more about the American economy, racial justice, and how The Great Depression impacted capitalism.

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The Wealth of Nations

Best Books On Capitalism-The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith is, arguably, the most important economics book ever. First published in 1776, The Wealth of Nations analyzes the American economic system and the political economy. More specifically, this book argues for free trade and outlines the basics of a market economy.

By reading this book, you’ll learn more about how America can achieve economic growth, how free markets work, and how a free enterprise is a key to a thriving economy in the nation. If you want to expose yourself to different philosophies about the common good, monopoly power, and capitalism, this book will help you gain that understanding.

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The Future of Capitalism

Best Books On Capitalism-The Future of Capitalism

In The Future of Capitalism, Nobel prize winning economist Paul Collier predicts the future financial crisis of capitalism and proposes a new political philosophy about how we can repair it and sustain economic growth. His plan to fix capitalism in the distant future includes human cooperation and less of a divide between the poor and wealthy.

Known to be one of the top five books on Bill Gates’s reading list, The Future of Capitalism gives readers a new and productive perspective on how to repair capitalism to improve the lives of those in future generations. Taking ideas from famous case studies, economists, and social scientists, this book provides an ambitious idea about how to repair the economic system in the Twenty-First Century.

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Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Best Books On Capitalism-Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Written by French economist Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a best-selling book about capitalism that explains the arch of wealth in this decade. Endorsed by nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman, Thomas Piketty focuses on wealth inequality in America and Europe.

According to Thomas Piketty, the dramatic rise of income inequality during the past two centuries paint a troubling portrait for the American economy in the years to come. If we do not repair our economic system now, Thomas Piketty predicts that there will be financial crises, similar to The Great Depression, ahead.

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The Shareholder Value Myth

Best Books On Capitalism-The Shareholder Value Myth

In The Shareholder Value Myth, author Lynn Stout explains how putting shareholders first harms investors, corporations, and the lives of many others. Unlike many others, Lynn Stout explains why maximizing shareholder value is not a good move for businesses in the American economy.

According to Stout, shareholder value thinking endangers those in the political economy by forcing them to think short-term. More specifically, those within this social contract are discouraged from innovating and investing to reach long-term goals. If you want to learn more about the power of shareholders and how it can harm the American dream, this book is perfect for you.

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Capitalism and Freedom

Best Books On Capitalism-Capitalism and Freedom

In Capitalism and Freedom, author Milton Friedman provides an in-depth analysis of the political economy. More specifically, he explains how society can benefit from the power of government while avoiding the threat that it poses to freedom and democracy.

Praised by The Wall Street Journal, this book gives readers a new perspective on how competitive capitalism can encourage the American dream, stimulate the American economy, and prevent a financial crisis in the future. If you want to learn more about capitalism, democracy, and the power of the government, Capitalism and Freedom is a great book for you!

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The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Best Books On Capitalism-The Shock Doctrine- The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism was written by best-selling author Naomi Klein to expose how the global free market has left most people worse off for many decades. Klein claims that the nation has benefitted from capitalizing on crises, whether it be a financial crisis like The Great Depression or a natural disaster. Then, the government will use these moments of shock to implement their policies and crush the American dream.

By reading The Shock Doctrine, you’ll learn more about the theories behind universal basic income, the holes within the current economic system, and the troubling portrait of America’s economy.

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Saving Capitalism

Best Books On Capitalism-Saving Capitalism

Written by American economist and professor Robert Reich, Saving Capitalism dives into the growing income inequality problem in America. Throughout the past decade, the middle class has shrunk and wealth disparity has grown within society. In Saving Capitalism, Robert Reich explains how we can repair America and improve the lives of many within the country.

Robert Reich explains to readers how the government uses its power, and the term “free market” to utilize its invisible hand and take control of the people. In order to advance democracy, we must repair these ideas of capitalism and fix the collapsing economic system of the twenty-first century.

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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Best Books On Capitalism-The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

In The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, author Shoshana Zuboff explains the challenges to the economic system that are posed by artificial intelligence. More specifically, Zuboff relates technology to economics and explains how surveillance capitalism will be the next form of power in our lives.

Similar to industrial capitalism in the twentieth century, surveillance capitalism will threaten our democracy in the twenty-first century. By gaining an understanding of artificial intelligence and how it plays a role in the future of the nation, you can get a better idea of how to save capitalism and stay wealthy.

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23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism

Best Books On Capitalism-23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism by Ha-Joon Jang is an international best-selling finance book created to help readers understand and benefit from capitalism. Whether you’re an economics expert or a beginner in all things finance, this book will help you understand how capitalism works in basic terms.

By gaining a better understanding of capitalism, you’ll be able to understand the economy, the function of money in society, and supply & demand.

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Capitalism in America: A History

Best Books On Capitalism-Capitalism in America- A History

Capitalism in America: A History is written by writer and economist Alan Greenspan. In this book, Greenspan explains the history of America and how it has taken many decades to create the capitalistic system and democracy that we have now.

By comparing capitalism in America to a living organism, Chairman teaches readers more about how capitalism grows, changes, and stalls. This is the most important economics book for those who want to understand the future of their nation and how it relates to wealth, power, and the economy.

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Conscious Capitalism

Best Books On Capitalism-Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism is a best-selling book by John Mackey that has been praised by Oprah Winfrey and The Wall Street Journal. In this, John Mackey gives readers a blueprint on how to do business in a more cooperative, humane, and effective way.

Mackey argues that capitalism, money, and wealth are all inherently good. However, there are flaws in the economy and capitalism that must be addressed. The most successful companies in history have used their power to benefit their investors, employees, and others around them. By reading Conscious Capitalism, you can learn how to model your business after those same principles.

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Understanding the Economic System

Whether you want to learn more about universal basic income, the open markets institute, or how capitalism has changed in the past few decades, the books above will help you gain a better sense of capitalism’s role. By reading these books, you’ll get a better sense of the wealth gap, how the economy has changed in the past few decades, and how those with wealth can use it as a source of good.

Learning more about capitalism and its role in the world can help you not only understand the economy but manage your own money in a more effective way. Whether you’re into personal finance or want to get a new job related to economics, reading more books about capitalism is a great place to start! Once you understand more about the economy and capitalism, you’ll be better at money management and personal finance.

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