Sites Like Fiverr – 11 Best Alternative Freelancing Sites

by | Jun 1, 2021

Whether you’re into web development, graphic design, or data entry, sites like Fiverr are excellent for freelance talent on the hunt for a job. Searching on a freelance platform like Fiverr will help you find freelance jobs that you can do remotely to earn money.

Unlike a typical job, clients on freelance marketplaces frequently hire local freelancers, remote workers; they do not have a strict screening process. In fact, once you sign an hourly contract and get positive reviews on your account, you’ll be hired for the best quality gigs on the site.

But Fiverr isn’t the only option out there. There are many other freelancing sites that offer the opportunity to find jobs and grow in your career. Wondering what they are? We’ve done the research for you! Below are sites like Fiverr that can help you find the work opportunity you’re in search of.

Sites Like Fiverr

Below are freelancing sites like Fiverr, where you can find companies that hire freelancers. 

These are the best sites for job seekers that provide writing services and digital services, such as web design or graphic design. Keep reading below to learn more about how you can find jobs on these Fiverr alternatives.

1. Upwork

Sites like Fiverr-Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelance marketplace that connects talented freelancers to hiring businesses. Making an Upwork account is free, and while searching through each job posting, you’ll have access to many job categories, including web design, digital marketing, and writing. While searching for a job, you’ll be able to filter through each type so that your search process can be quick and effective.

Each day, hundreds of job opportunities are posted on Upwork, making it an excellent platform for those who want constant professional work. This online marketplace lets freelancers get paid through project milestones or an hourly contract.

Furthermore, if you become part of Upwork’s Top Talent, you’ll be able to earn more and be advertised as one of the more experienced freelancers to clients!

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2. 99designs

Sites like Fiverr-99designs

99designs is a freelance website that connects graphic designers to clients that are hiring freelancers. 99designs offers jobs in many job categories, including graphic design, digital marketing, and software development.

99designs is best for experienced freelancers that have experience with graphic design. Clients on 99degigns expect freelancers to charge a good amount for their freelance services. Because of this, freelancers compete on this platform, and since you’ll find the best quality jobs here, it’s best to join once you can provide the highest quality professional services!

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3. Freelancer

Sites like Fiverr-Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the best Fiverr alternatives out there. This Fiverr alternative brings remote workers and clients together so that quality freelancers can get more work. Creating an account on Freelancer is free, and once you create an account, you’ll be able to sort through job postings and stay updated on the entire hiring process once you apply for your first gig.

You can apply to as many gigs as you want on Freelancer, and there are clients posting jobs on the site each day! Freelancer offers jobs and services ranging from logo design to 3D modeling, allowing freelancers to set their own fixed price and take control of the vetting process.

Making an account on Freelancer is similar to having your own website. However, with Freelancer, you’ll be able to get more freelance work and find just what you’re looking for in a client!

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4. Guru

Sites like Fiverr-Guru

All freelancers and hiring clients can make a Guru account for free! On Guru, you can search for a freelance job and post job listings at no extra cost. Unlike Fiverr, Guru allows freelancers to scroll through the platform and send a quote to each particular job. 

If you want control over your rates and entire freelancing career, Guru is a great Fiverr alternative for you. Whether you’re into graphic design, app development, or search engine optimization, you’re almost guaranteed to find the right freelance job on Guru.

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5. FlexJobs

Sites like Fiverr-FlexJobs

Flexjobs is one of the best Fiverr alternatives for workers that want to advance their freelance career. Unlike other sites, FlexJobs lets you grow your online business by providing free job search resources like skills tests and advanced search tools.

Unlike many other freelance marketplaces, creating an account as a client or freelancer on FlexJobs is free. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to sort through various jobs and freelancers. More importantly, FlexJobs sorts through each job posting before they finalize it, making this platform safe and scam-free.

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6. PeoplePerHour

Sites like Fiverr-PeoplePerHour

Loved by over 2 million freelancers, PeoplePerHour is the best Fiverr alternative for those who want to work or hire based on the hour. Whether you’re into content writing, SEO, or illustrations, PeoplePerHour will let you set your own price and find more clients to work for.

Unlike many other Fiverr competitors, starting an account on PeoplePerHour is free and will give you access to freelance developers, writers, designers, and more! Whether you want access to virtual assistants or those who love social media management, PeoplePerHour will give you access to the best freelancers.

As a freelancer on PeoplePerHour, you’ll be able to set your own hourly price and connect with clients that love your portfolio!

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7. Solidgigs

Sites like Fiverr-Solidgigs

Solidgigs is one of the best Fiverr alternatives for freelancers looking for more work. By signing up on Solidgigs, you’ll be able to get multiple freelance job opportunities delivered straight to your email every day.

If you want a site like Fiverr that makes it easy to find jobs, Solidgigs is an excellent platform for you. Solidgigs promises to only offer the top 1% of hiring companies, so if you’re looking for Fiverr alternatives that offer more pay and more prestigious brand names, Solidgigs is an excellent site for you!

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8. SEOClerks

Sites like Fiverr-SEOClerks

SEOClerks is the largest SEO marketplace for freelancers. Unlike other Fiverr alternatives, SEOClerks is exclusively for those who want SEO-related jobs and freelancers. By creating a free account on SEOClerks, you’ll be able to set your own price and post about your experience and specialties. You’ll also be able to speak directly with interested clients throughout the entire hiring process.

If you want your website or blog to rank higher on Google and draw in more customers or readers, hiring a freelancer on SEOClerks is a great option!

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9. Toptal

Sites like Fiverr-Toptal

Toptal is an online marketplace that connects hiring clients to writers, financial experts, project managers, and more. If you want a site like Fiverr that offers more full-time work and higher-paying jobs, Toptal is a great place for you to look! However, if you’re just starting out with freelancing, you may not draw in many clients on Toptal, since this platform is known to offer only the top 3% of freelancers.

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10. Workhoppers

Sites like Fiverr-Workhoppers

Workhoppers is a unique online platform that matches companies with nearby freelancers. Workhoppers strives to connect hiring companies with local workers that can work remotely and in person when needed!

If you’re looking for sites like Fiverr that offer more full-time work in your local area, Workhoppers is an excellent platform for you. Workhoppers can land you a part-time or temporary job with local companies that are looking for extra help.

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11. TaskArmy

Sites like Fiverr-TaskArmy

If you’re looking for a quick job, TaskArmy is a great platform for you. Creating an account on TaskArmy will allow you to find a temporary job in minutes! As a client, you won’t have to pay your freelancer until you are 100% satisfied with their work. If you’re looking for an extra source of income. or side hustle, TaskArmy is a great platform for you.

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Using Fiverr Alternatives

Using these Fiverr alternatives is a great way to find more work in a wider variety of job categories. These websites will allow you to make more money and connect with clients interested in hiring you.

Whether you want to work remotely or in-person for a local business, these online marketplaces are great places to look. On many of these sites, you can take greater control of your freelancing career by setting your own rates, posting your resume, and communicating with clients throughout the entire hiring process.

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