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by | Apr 15, 2020

All EMTs, or Emergency Medical Technicians, are required to renew their certification every two years. Recertification requires at least 20 hours of training at the national level. This training includes continuing education in all the basic knowledge that an EMT must serve any population across the country in an emergency. 

Other required continuing education hours include at least 10 hours of local or state training. If your state doesn’t have any specific requirements, then these hours are flexible depending on what interests you or what you feel would be most beneficial to the populations you serve. Up to seven of these 10 hours can be what’s called “distributive content.” 

Lastly, you must train for at least 10 hours of individual, flexible content. These hours can be on topics that you choose but must be EMS-related and approved by CAPCE, or the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education.

Now that you know what you need out of your online EMT refresher course, let’s look at the best ones available. 

1. 40-Hour Online NREMT Refresher (EMT Refresher)

NREMT Refresher

This 40-hour refresher course consists of both virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and distributive hours. The sixteen VILT hours take place during the first two days of training, usually a Saturday and Sunday, lasting eight hours each day. These hours qualify for the in-person training hours required by the NREMT for all EMT recertifications. Instructor-led training is available through the archives at any time. 

The remaining 24 hours of this EMT refresher course are considered distributive hours. Distributive training is continuing education that takes place without real-time interaction between the student and the instructor. Your distributive training hours will include topics necessary for improving your work as an EMT, learning all the newest information there is to know within the industry. 

Once you’ve successfully completed your 40-Hour Online NREMT Refresher course through EMT Refresher, you can instantly print out your certificate. The certificate is approved through the NCCP, or National Continued Competency Program. 

40-Hour Online NREMT Refresher Price: $247.50 Sign up for the Course

2. 40-Hour NCCP EMT Recertification Package (EMT & Fire Training, Inc.)

EMT Fire Training

EMT Fire & Training, Inc. offers a comprehensive EMT Recertification Package that includes the National, Local and State, as well as Individual training required by NCCP. If you don’t need the full, 40-hour course, there is a 24-hour traditional EMT refresher course as well as a 20-hour course that covers only the nationally required topics. You can choose to add one month of test-prep services to your course for an additional fee. The test prep is highly recommended for those who have difficulties with test-taking. It can also prevent the need for additional testing attempts as each attempt with the NREMT requires a fee. 

During all VILT training or virtual instructor-led training, your attendance will be verified. Each class consists of a lecture and a knowledge-based exam. The class topics build on each other as the course continues so attendance is vital. However, EMT & Fire Training, Inc. is aware that computer and internet issues do pop up from time to time. 

Any of the EMT refresher courses offered online through EMT & Fire Training, Inc. are held online only. If you need to complete any skills verification for your recertification, you’ll need to arrange for this outside of your online EMT refresher course. No matter which online course suits your needs the best, you can rest assured that your instructors are educated and experienced, passing on their tips, tricks, and techniques as you learn more about your passion. 

40-Hour NCCP EMT Recertification Package Price: $280 Sign up for the Course

3. Live 48-Hour EMT Refresher (Distance CME)


If you find that you learn best through live training, where you can see and interact with your virtual instructor in real-time, then the 48-Hour EMT Refresher offered through Distance CME might be just what you are looking for. This course is self-paced and broken down into 24 modules. Each module is only two hours long which means you can focus on the topic at hand without feeling overwhelmed and without having to plan your busy schedule around long lectures. Live modules are available 7 days a week during morning, afternoon, or evening hours. They can also be taken in any order. 

The course is self-paced so you can complete it in a couple of weeks or a couple of years, whatever works best for you. All modules as well as the full 48-Hour EMT Refresher course is CAPCE-accredited. Distance CME accepts PayPal, including its “Bill Me Later” option if you are approved for PayPal Credit. This makes it easier for you to finance your online EMT refresher course.

Live 48-Hour EMT Refresher Price: $399 Sign up for the Course

4. EMS-CE EMT Refresher (Safety Unlimited, Inc.

Safety Unlimited

Are you a California-based EMT? Safety Unlimited, Inc. offers an EMS-CE EMT Refresher course for those who are coming up to recertification time or are within two years of their certification expiring. The course meets all local and state training requirements for California. 

To complete the recertification process, you may also need a valid CPR certification and the California EMT Skills Testing. These are not available online as they need to be completed in person. Be sure to check your current status and complete these if necessary. 

The 24-hour program is completely instructor-based and counts for 24 contact hours of continuing education. It is also self-paced. You can work your EMT recertification training around your already busy schedule. Being mobile-friendly, you can even study while away from home which makes earning your recertification even easier. 

EMS-CE EMT Refresher Price: $125 Sign up for the Course

5. EMT Refresher Course (EMS University)


EMS University offers its 24-hour EMT refresher course in person at several locations in California, Arizona, and Texas. However, you can also complete their 40-hour EMT refresher course online featuring virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Both in-person and online courses are approved by the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP), the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), and the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

If you require additional continuing education hours according to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), there are many options available. These courses are taken on top of the basic topic modules that cover everything from medical to behavioral health and from trauma to pediatric medical assessments. For those who are interested in sharing their knowledge of and passion for the EMT profession, you’ll also find courses in becoming an EMT instructor.

EMT Refresher Course Price: $247.50 Sign up for the Course

6. EMT Recertification (TargetSolutions)


If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility in the types of courses you take for your EMT Recertification, then TargetSolutions could be the right place to start. Not only can you purchase individual courses that become part of your continuing education program, but there are also course packages that include everything you need to get started or even advance your career. 

The national training requirements can be met with course packages offered through TargetSolutions but you’ll also find courses specific to the local and state requirements for Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Each individual course or course package can be completed online. Once the automatically graded tests are passed, simply print out your certificate. 

Courses include live lectures as well as pre-recorded videos and archived lectures. Audio narrations make it easy to keep up with your continuing education on the go. You will learn from real-life scenarios and experienced EMT instructors with the most up-to-date information available.

EMT Recertification Price: Varies Sign up for the Course

7. 24-Hour EMT Refresher Topics (Hazmat Student)

Hazmat Student

Consisting of 39 sections over 7 modules, the 24-Hour EMT Refresher Topics course is designed to help you pass the NREMT recertification test. The Online Training System (OTS) features an interactive platform that allows you to complete the modules any time of day. You also have up to 24 months to complete the entire series of modules. The 24-hour course covers all nationally required topics as well as those required by most local and state programs. However, you should check with your state to make sure. 

Created for the currently certified EMT or an EMT who is still within the 2-year grace period after your certification is expired, these refresher topics feature the latest in EMT instruction. Additional training such as Hazmat First Responder Awareness (FRA) is also available. If you are local to Simi Valley, California, you can complete your in-person testing through Hazmat Student as well. 

24-Hour EMT Refresher Topics Price: $125 Sign up for the Course

8. EMT and Paramedic Refresher (MedEdNow)

8. EMT and Paramedic Refresher (MedEdNow)

Many paramedics start out as EMTs and maintain their EMT certification even after advancing to the position of a paramedic. MedEdNow offers all the refresher training you need to maintain your certification if it is expiring soon or if you are within the grace period. The 30-hour paramedic refresher course is their most popular but there are several EMS and EMT courses also available. 

MedEdNow is a nationally recognized continuing education provider within the medical field and their course offerings extend beyond emergency, pre-hospital care. In fact, there are also courses in nursing, infection control, and EKG interpretation. The EKG interpretation course includes 12-lead which makes it a great add-on for EMTs and paramedics. 

All courses are mobile-friendly and can be accessed 24/7 for a full 12 months after you enroll in your course. The 30-hour course includes 20 hours of virtual instructor-based learning and an additional 10 hours of self-paced continuing education. 

EMT and Paramedic Refresher Price: $185 Sign up for the Course

9. EMT Interactive (EMS1 Academy)

9. EMT Interactive (EMS1 Academy)

It can be helpful to keep up with your continuing education hours consistently instead of when your certification is coming up for renewal. That’s where EMS1 Academy comes in. With an individual subscription, you can take up-to-date courses as you’d like so long as your subscription stays current. There are group subscriptions available as well for teams of EMT personnel. Those in charge of maintaining their EMT’s current training and certification can track each EMT’s progress through their courses so they are on track for recertification when needed. 

With 500+ courses available, you will always have something new to learn. EMT Interactive Refresher courses are approved by both the NREMT and CAPCE. The monthly subscription ensures you always have the most current courses available. Paramedic refresher courses are also available. 

EMT Interactive Price: $70/month Sign up for the Course

Final Thoughts On The Best EMT Refresher Courses Online

While the requirements for EMT recertification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians are standard for all, each EMT requires different types of learning and different topics. This is when it’s important to find the best online EMT refresher course for you.

Something else to keep in mind, as an EMT you are already in the medical field and might be considering medical school. If that’s the case, make sure to read our article on the best MCAT review courses and get ready to pass your test.

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