In the context of the modern world, cybersecurity is voted prime as the concerns and the need of the hour. It is claimed that the current year might even be the turning point of the digital world and cybersecurity trends as we know it. With the constantly increasing number of internet users, the world is coming together more than ever before. So, this also demands a constant revolutionizing of the security of this system. It is also a field that guarantees a lifelong progressive career with high earning potential. 

Maybe you want to learn more about cybersecurity for your own marketing or graphic design business? Maybe you want to dive into a career in cybersecurity? Either way, if you are to approach the study of cybersecurity, it is important to understand that the consumers and businesses of the world are at the risk of a cyber attack all the time, as we have seen throughout the recent history. As a field of study and profession, cybersecurity is a high responsibility career. It is also one of the courses of education that is highly accessible through remote studies.

Some of the online courses listed below are tutorials and basics of the cybersecurity world, others are offered by prestigious universities that provide the learner with certifications. These are for all levels of learners, from beginners to novices to professionals looking to brush up on the current trends. So choose the course best fitting your level. Let’s take a look at the best cyber security courses online.

Oxford Home Study: 5 Levels of Diplomas 

When studying a subject that serves to be in the public interest, it is important to also understand the roles and responsibilities of the profession. This course helps bridge that and the objectives and key functions of cybersecurity personnel. Within this course offered by Oxford Home Study, you will find that you can pursue the field at your level of competence. A beginner trying to understand the scope of cybersecurity can explore their free course on cybersecurity awareness training, that can be enrolled at any time. After this, there are 5 levels of studies that have all been accredited by ABC Awards and Creta Awards. The graduate also gets a learner unit summary. 

Level 1 Diploma 

Oxford Home Study 5 Levels of Diplomas- LV 1

This is a beginner level course that can be completed in approximately 80 hours. This diploma explores the functions and limitations of the current technology. Familiarization with the various providers, stakeholders, and affected parties is done in this course. Key learnings in Level 1 are encryption and its uses, and an introduction to rogue software and its threats. 

Level 1 Diploma Price: $128.68 (when paid in full); $181.97 (when paid in installments) Sign up for the Course

Level 2 Diploma 

Oxford Home Study-LV 2

Like all levels in this course, you can study at your own pace. Level 2 requires approximately 125 hours of coursework at the end of which the student gets a diploma certification. This level deals with sophisticated cybercriminals, and a study on preventive and proactive steps that can be implemented by consumers to avoid the attacks. 

Level 2 Diploma Price: $363.95 (when paid in full); $441.91 (when paid in installments) Sign up for the Course

Level 3 Diploma 

Oxford Home Study-LV 3

This advanced level of studying cybersecurity deals with case studies in commercial and personal spaces of the world that needs protection from attacks. After the preventive care in Level 2, you will now learn about creating a malware thwarting defense which is the cornerstone of active cybersecurity policy. This course is completed in approximately 200 hours after which the student gets a Certificate of Achievement. 

Level 3 Diploma Price: $402.94 (when paid in full); $500.43 (when paid in installments) Sign up for the Course

Level 4 Diploma 

Oxford Home Study-LV 4

You will be studying progressively more to get the different levels of diploma as there is a lot of course work to be completed before one can be entrusted and have mastery in cybersecurity. This level requires 260 hours, approximately. This level will take you through a better understanding of the industry and financially-fulfilling roles that you can take up along with learning about cybersecurity policies that are in place worldwide.

Level 4 Diploma Price: $571.92 (when paid in full); $701.90 (when paid in installments) Sign up for the Course

Level 5 Diploma

Oxford Home Study-LV 5

This course is accessible to IT professionals, though there is no restriction for beginners who are confident they can keep up with the course material. The course would take approximately 320 hours for completion. This would equip the student with a comprehensive action plan on creating a risk mitigation strategy as well as ways of identifying and maintaining good cyber health of clients’ systems. 

Level 5 Diploma Price: $701.90 (when paid in full); $831.88 (when paid in installments) Sign up for the Course

Introduction to Cyber Security from Future Learn 

Introduction to Cyber Security from Future Learn

An introductory course comes from Future Learn on cybersecurity. The course work deals with the fundamentals of network and security before diving deep into malware, cryptography, and authentication of access control. This is a course recommended for beginners who are only looking to understand the basics and scope. It is not a professional course like the ones mentioned above but comes with certification. The language is easy to access. The course is completed in 8 weeks with a total of 24 hours of coursework. For those who already have an unlimited pass to Future Learn, this course is included in the package.

The course is facilitated and taught by Arosha K. Bandara who is a software engineer and teaches network security at The Open University. 

Introduction to Cyber Security Price: $199 (unlimited access to Future Learn) Sign up for the Course

University of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Specialization via Coursera 

University of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Specialization via Coursera

A student keen on getting a certification from a prestigious university remotely can access the University of Maryland’s specialized course on cybersecurity. The duration of the course work is approximately 5 months. The course is taught by the university faculty via online lectures. The staff includes Jennifer Golbeck who is the Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab in the university, Michael Hicks who is a professor, Jonathan Katz who is a professor in the Cybersecurity Center and Gang Qu who is an associate professor.

This accomplished cast of educators takes on topics such as cryptography, human-computer interaction, hardware security, and conduct hands-on projects and demonstrations.

University of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Specialization Price: $39.11 per month (free one month trial available for first time Coursera users) Sign up for the Course

Complete Cyber Security Course via Udemy 

This is a very interesting series of courses offered by Nathan House who has created 4 volumes of cybersecurity modules that take on real-world challenges posed by the interconnectedness of our information. The claim of the creator is that one would understand the cyber policies and have more information and hacks at their disposal in maintaining security, privacy, and anonymity.

This series of lectures are different than the ones listed above in the way that they aim to equip the general public or those who are interested in the art of diverting any attacks or unwanted surveillance.

Volume 1: Hackers Exposed 

Complete Cyber Security Course via Udemy- VOL 1

The course takes on the general threat landscape of the online world and equips the learner with techniques in defeating the threats that are posed by hackers and mass surveillance. The course work consists of 126 lectures that total about 12 hours. 

Volume 1: Hackers Exposed Price: $5.87 (discounted) Sign up for the Course

Volume 2: Network Security 

Complete Cyber Security Course via Udemy- VOL 2

The second volume of the series consists of 105 lectures that will take you up to 13 hours to finish. This volume deals with Wi-Fi security and identifying the vulnerabilities of a network using scanning and hacking techniques. This is an indispensable program for personal and home security. Search engine security, browser, and tracking protection are key elements of this offering and safeguards an entire outfit against these threats.

Volume 2: Network Security Price: $5.87 (discounted) Sign up for the Course

Volume 3: Anonymous Browsing

Complete Cyber Security Course via Udemy- VOL 3

This is a course designed for operational security that introduces the learner to live operating systems as well as monumental products like Tor, VPNs and proxies, and I2P which is the Invisible Internet Project. The key deliverable here is to stay anonymous while being online and in touch with the world. It is important to note that the course covers all major programs like Windows, iOS, Linux, etc. The course work has 119 lectures that span over 13 hours. Like all the other volumes in the series, this can be taken up in a standalone format and the introductory session will take you through whatever you have missed in the first two volumes. 

Volume 3: Anonymous Browsing Price: $5.87 (discounted) Sign up for the Course

Volume 4: Endpoint Protection 

This topic in the series is an important one and highly trending in the cybersecurity world. As a specialist one would need to be familiar with the fighting hacks like antivirus, disk encryption, locating and getting rid of hackers and malware, etc. These battle tactics are dealt with this diagnostics study. The course word has 176 lectures that span about 17 hours. This particular volume deals with threat detection and anti-forensics.

Volume 4: Endpoint Protection Price: $5.87 Sign up for the Course

Given that these courses range from getting diplomas to certifications, from prestigious universities to hands-on practical hacker skills—there is clearly a variety of opportunities to be found in the hot button industry of cybersecurity. 

It is important to use this particular education with the responsibility of securing and treating the threats that stand to endanger our collective information and businesses. So, give one of the best cyber security courses online a go and become a pro now!

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