How often do you find yourself at a computer?  Actually, better question, how often are you not on the computer?  Probably not very often, just about everything we do today centers around the ability to communicate or work through a computer. Whether it’s writing, marketing, coding, work, or school, it all goes through that digital screen, and our speed and effectiveness in this modern world is dependent on how well we can type.

If you want to succeed in the world today, typing is going to be a non-negotiable part of that. So, with that in mind, here are the top 10 typing courses to help you in your journey forward.

1. TypingCat

The Typing Cat

TypingCat is free for basic use, and 2.39 per month, or 9.99 per year for their Pro Version.  This online typing course is an incredible way to start improving your typing skills today!

Filled with fun and user-friendly exercises, by deciding to pursue this course you’ll be improving through custom games and lessons to help you gradually increase your level of typing proficiency until your desired goal has been obtained.  

TypingCat Price: Free for basic use Sign up for the Course

2. Typing Club

Typing Club

Typing Club is a free typing course that offers an efficient way to increase your typing ability while keeping you engaged. 

In this course you’ll be able to create your own customizable lessons, with 3 classes, and up to two instructors with the basic program.  However, if you would like the pro edition that will cost $99.75 per year, but with that extra charge you will also gain access to a much wider array of helpful features.  Examples of this are, unlimited classes and instructors along with no advertisements.  

Typing Club Price: Free Sign up for the Course

3. TypingTest

Typing Test

TypingTest is perfect for kids or anyone who finds traditional typing exercises rather uninteresting. offers a free service for anyone willing to invest the time in their program.  

Able to continually provide you with constant feedback and challenges, this course is a fun way to get involved in typing.  From traditional styled typing drills to a more game like setting, this course has something for everyone looking to improve their typing. 

TypingTest Price: Free Sign up for the Course

4. Typing Mastery: Learn to Type

Typing Mastery

This course is dedicated to helping you become more efficient in your typing, aiming to guide you into no longer needing to look at your keyboard or worry about inaccuracy and speed.  

Containing a user-friendly experience with drills and lessons designed to help you get from one end of the keyboard to the next with a smooth and efficient flow.   So, whether for work or school, you can’t go wrong with giving this course a chance.

Typing Mastery: Learn to Type Price: $19.99 Sign up for the Course

5. Typing-Lessons

Typing Lessons

Don’t let the price tag fool you. Even though this course is free, it offers an outstanding guide to improving your typing.

31 lessons containing helpful tips on how to improve your typing efficiency along with exercises to help you apply them in a real setting, this course is a great place to increase speed and accuracy. 

Typing-Lessons Price: Free Sign up for the Course

6. Typing Academy

Typing Academy

Typing Academy is another comprehensive course offering invaluable information for a bargain!

The typing academy is a free online course that checks all the right boxes in terms of typing information.  This course from top to bottom is very well rounded, teaching you how to master the basics while gradually building up your skillset.  Like all other typing courses you will have a plethora of typing drills and exercises to choose from, with helpful information being offered along the way to help you best proceed forward.

Typing Academy Price: Free Sign up for the Course

7. Learn Typing

Learn Typing

For beginners to advanced typers looking to clean up their skills, this course has what you’re looking for.  

Offering lessons catering to all skill levels, this course is a great way to build confidence in your typing ability.  With over 40 years of experience training better typers and plenty of lessons and games to keep you busy, this is a great place to not only learn the ins and outs of typing, but an amazing place to practice it as well.

Learn Typing Price: Free Sign up for the Course

8. Typing Practice 

Typing Practice

Touch Typing is the ability to use muscle memory to type, no longer needing your eyes to help guide you to the correct keys.  This course takes a primary focus on that particular skill. With incredibly informative lessons and challenging drills, you’ll quickly find yourself gradually being weaned from the need to look down at your keyboard.

Admittingly this course can be more challenging than the others listed above, but the benefit of learning to no longer waste time looking down, and finally become an instinctive typer is an invaluable skill that will no doubt help you in your day to day life. 

Typing Practice Price: Free Sign up for the Course

9. Become A Faster Typist In 14 Easy Steps

Become a Faster Typist

Broken down in 14 easy steps, lessons will be tailored to helping you increase typing speed and efficiency.  The course starts with a focus on the lines of the keyboard, moving you up and down the rows, mastering the little techniques needed to fluidly type at a faster rate.  

With many positive reviews from more than 900 students, many have found great degrees of success after undertaking this course.  I will say however that English is not the native language of the course creators, so keep that in mind and be aware that if you think occasional broken English will affect your ability to learn, you might want to look elsewhere.

Become A Faster Typist In 14 Easy Steps Price: $99.99 Sign up for the Course

10. Fun Typing

Fun Typing

Like all the others, this course has the typical typing lessons and drills you may be accustomed too by now, but with the added benefit of fun and engaging games to keep you entertained as you improve your typing ability.  The lessons however do take a different approach to progression then some of the others. So, while some courses may go by row, this one functions by adding two words at a time until the entire alphabet has been mastered.  

Fun Typing Price: Free Sign up for the Course

Also, as an added bonus, this course also teaches different keyboard settings other than QWERTY.  Offering lessons in Dvorak, Colemak, and UK QWERTY for those who may be using a different system than what is typically considered the norm.

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