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by | Jun 29, 2022

Speed has never been more critical in a faster-paced world where information is now just within seconds of your fingertips. So, if you’re an editor, a student studying for the SAT, a reading enthusiast, or just anyone in a line of work where large amounts of text come across your desk every day, speed reading might be the skill you’re looking for. Below are the ten best places to take an online speed reading course!

1. 7SpeedReading

10x Effective Learning

7-SpeedReading offers an easy-to-use system that can help you triple your reading speed and maintain comprehension. 

You’ll be coached on the best speed reading course by some of the leading speed-reading experts in the world, with 6 hours of complete training included in the course. Along with the online courses, the program will address your bad reading habits and eliminate them through careful step-by-step training that adapts to your speed reading level.

It is a fantastic speed-read course that will help you improve your reading comprehension and memory skills. 7-SpeedReading is so confident in its speed reading classes that it offers a 12-month refund that will pay you $50 for failing to help you reach your speed-reading goals. The best part about this online course is learning at your own pace.

7SpeedReading Price: $79.95 Sign up for the Course

2. Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

Become a Super Learner 2

This popular speed reading course promises to help you roughly triple your reading speed using the same techniques used by the winners of the Memorization World Championships.  

In the speed reading class, you’ll be taught how to read with your eyes and not your inner voice, use mental markers, and understand the memory and how it works.  

Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory Price: $19.99 Sign up for the Course

3. Iris Reading – Speed Reading Foundation Course

Speed Reading Foundation Course

Upon completion of the Iris speed reading course, you will have gained a basic foundation in the skill of speed reading. The online speed reading courses teach you all the little tricks you need as a speed reader, such as how to skip words that do not matter and read the best styles of text such as news articles, fiction books, and information material.

On top of this, you will also be given drills to help you continue to train and develop your speed-reading skills. There is also a memory course where you learn proven techniques to increase the number of words you know and memory retention. In all, you can master speed reading with Iris, thereby improving your personal growth.

Iris Reading – Speed Reading Foundation Course Price: $100 Sign up for the Course

4. Legentas Online Speed Reading

Legentas Online Speed Reading

Lengatas offers some of the best speed reading courses online. You can improve your reading performance and memory techniques in only 20 hours. You will learn how to read twice as fast as before with increased comprehension and memory improvement.

The reading improvement course is taught through interactive exercises, and you’ll be able to keep track of your progress through all the courses as you’re taught the essential skills that make up speed reading. In addition, each lesson will target the goal of teaching your brain to reduce skips in text and will give you immediate feedback upon completion to help you gauge your progress in Speed-Reading Mastery.  

Legentas Online Speed Reading Price: 32 EUR (Students) 65 EUR Sign up for the Course

5. REV IT UP Reading

Rev It Up Reading

Five hours will be needed to complete this fast reading course. Like the other courses covered, this super reading course offers a 100% money-back guarantee to back up its claim of a satisfying outcome. 

In the course, there will be exercises helping test your abilities and gauge what needs to be improved to help you read at the level you need to succeed in work, school, or whatever it is you desire. Along with the engaging, efficient reading lessons, those who purchase the 7-day and above courses will also be given personal help from America’s #1-speed reading expert and course creator, Abby Marks Beale.

Test it out with the free-1-day option and see if this is the right choice to help you tackle bad reading habits!

REV IT UP Reading Price: Free-1 Day $49-7 Days $199-90 Days $299-365 Days Sign up for the Course

6. The Ultimate Speed-Reading Course

The Ultimate Speed Reading Course

The Ultimate Speed-Reading Course contains information that claims to double your reading speed in just 30 days. In addition, the speed reading software offers a framework of information relating to speed reading techniques and how to identify and eliminate bad habits that lead to slow reading. It is ideal for college students and anyone looking beyond basic speed reading.

The Ultimate Speed-Reading Course Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

7. The Speed Reading Process: Expand Your Knowledge

The Speed Reading Process

If you are looking for a speed reading mastery class, try the Speed Reading Process. The course helps you process large amounts of literature in a small amount of time. This course aims to help increase your productivity, and in no time, you’ll improve on your current reading speed.

The course starts with measuring your initial reading speed, then follows that up with seven lectures on the building blocks of speed reading, and finally ends with a breakdown of the speed-reading process in 6 steps. These six steps entail goal setting, scanning, supersonic reading, mind mapping, and recalling. There are practical exercises for progress tracking and practical tips to help you get all the benefits of this course.

The Speed Reading Process: Expand Your Knowledge Price: $19.99 Sign up for the Course

8. Speed Reading Simplified 

Speed Reading Simplified

As the name suggests, this advanced comprehension course dedicates itself to breaking down speed-reading in a fun and simplified manner.

Unlike most speed learning courses, this one is filled with many practical exercises that help you relax and focus on visualization. Along with this, you’ll be taught the link memory system with 21 homework drills given to you to help lock in these new advanced techniques and skills.

Speed Reading Simplified Price: $19.99 Sign up for the Course

9. Spreeder CX

Spreeder CX

This online program contains over 10 hours of digitally recorded video tutorials that can be accessed through any browser or desktop, along with any smart devices you may have.  

Spreeder CX is an interactive learning experience with tracked progress and detailed reports that show you exactly where you are in your current skill level. You’ll be taught how to eliminate all your bad reading habits throughout your training, resulting in faster reading speed and greater comprehension.

Spreeder CX Price: $67 Sign up for the Course

10. 10x Effective Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster

10x Effective Learning

This course is designed to help you increase your reading speed and memory, to help you live a more stress-free and focused life, and no longer be at the mercy of procrastination and poor information recollection.

Broken into 8.5 hours, you will have a plethora of information at your fingertips as you train to become a more productive reader. You’ll be taught the steps needed to double your reading speed, how it benefits your brain, how to take more effective notes, how to access any information in your mind when you need it, and the secrets to developing laser-like focus while reading.

10x Effective Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster Price: $19.99 Sign up for the Course

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