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by | Nov 27, 2019

Coding is one of the most popular skills that people are looking to acquire these days, regardless of whether you are a computer science graduate or a beginner who is looking to develop a new skill at any point. With a number of programming languages available to learn, Python is one of the most popular options that people turn to and there are multiple reasons for this. Most significant of these is the similarity between the English language and Python, which means that you will see a bunch of regular English words — for example, “not”, “or” and so on — in the Python script as well.

If you looking to become a coder, this is the right place to launch your career — and education — as it is relatively more readable. This is the official language for platforms like Google, Instagram and others, as it is capable of automating a number of different tasks, both big and small. This makes it the go-to option for a number of professionals whether they are involved in data science, artificial intelligence, statistics or others. If you are looking to make this your career, it may help to note that a Python developer’s average salary for a year in the United States is over $100,000.

Programming for Everybody by University of Michigan (Coursera)

Programming For Everybody Course

If you aren’t just looking to learn the basics but also want to convert it into a core skill, Coursera Specializations are a good option. Here, the “Programming for Everybody” course offered by the University of Michigan is the ideal place to start. During the course of this Specialization, you will be able to learn everything from Python and data structure to web development and database access. Ideal for people who have very little or close to no experience in programming, you will learn everything from scratch in this Specialization.

Programming for Everybody by University of Michigan Price: Free to enroll but if you want to give assignments and receive a certificate, you will have to pay $49. Sign up for the Course

Complete Python Bootcamp (Udemy)

Complete Python Bootcamp (Udemy) Course

The Complete Python Bootcamp is a course offered by Udemy, which also happens to be one of the most popular courses on the platform. Developed to circumvent technical jargon and concentrate on the basics of Python, this course will teach you everything from downloading Python to your system and setting it up. This includes a number of videos, notes, quizzes as well as sessions where live coding is taught by instructors with a great amount of experience in the realm.  

Complete Python Bootcamp Price: The course is available at a price as low as $10 in the flash sales that Udemy offers. Sign up for the Course

Python Fundamentals (Pluralsight)

Python Fundamentals (Pluralsight) Course

If you are looking to get a Pluralsight membership, it has some interesting courses on Python but our absolute favorite is the Python Fundamentals course. Starting from basic information that will help you get Python onto your system, the course covers a range of topics including strings and collections, objects, modularity, collections, iterables, handling errors and more. While many people may mind the membership fees, keep in mind that you get access to a bunch of different courses for the same amount.

Python Fundamentals Price: Access to Pluralsight costs $19 monthly or $159 annually but the premium membership is for $239 annually. Sign up for the Course

Google’s Python Class (Google)

Google’s Python Class (Google) Course

There may be very few things that Google can’t help you learn and Python is definitely not one of them. As it is one of the main languages used on the platform, the class has been designed for people who have no experience in the field of programming. You get started by getting a better understanding of the terminology used and then turn to the intermediate-level information, for example, setting HTTP connections, text files and so on. 

Google’s Python Class Price: Free Sign up for the Course

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (Coursera)

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (Coursera) Course

Another popular Python course to consider is the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate course on Coursera, which has been developed to include 9 different courses that help you get ready for a career in data science. You get access to lectures that are aimed at improving your understanding of a range of topics, which could include data visualization and analysis, open-source tools and more. In addition to giving you an introduction to Python in programming, the emphasis will be on Python for data science.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Price: Free to enroll but if you want to give assignments and receive a certificate, you will have to pay $49. Sign up for the Course

Introduction to Python Programming by Georgia Tech (edX)

Introduction to Python Programming(edX) Course

Georgia Tech’s edX course — “Introduction to Python Programming” — is one of the most comprehensive courses on Python for multiple reasons but the most important of these is that you aren’t just restricted to this language. Instead, you get the chance to learn all the instrumental theories and tools that programming is based on. This particular course puts together a number of video tutorials, assignments with multiple-choice questions, as well as live sessions where the instructors carry out programming tasks in front of you.

Introduction to Python Programming by Georgia Tech Price: $356.40 Sign up for the Course

Learn Python 3 (Codecademy)

Learn Python 3 (Codecademy) Course

If you are looking for a relatively short course that gives you insight into the fundamental concepts of programming as well as Python, the Learn Python 3 course by Codecademy is definitely worth considering. Python 3 is the latest version of the software, which means most career choices will require you to know it. The methodology used to teach it is also interactive and efficient. Keep in mind that you will be required to sign up for the Pro membership, more details of which are given in the next section. 

Learn Python 3 Price: This course requires a Codecademy Pro membership, which starts at $15.99 a month. Sign up for the Course

Learn Python Programming Masterclass (Udemy)

Learn Python Programming Masterclass (Udemy) Course

While we have tried to bring you courses from a range of platforms, there is another Udemy course that has made it to this list — the Learn Python Programming Masterclass. The main reason why people love this course is the way it is taught. Many beginners are able to connect with Tim Buchalka, the person behind the course, which makes it much easier for them to build their knowledge from the bottom up. Designed to be relatively easier and more fun, there will be an emphasis on Python 3.0 here.

Learn Python Programming Masterclass Price: Available at a price as low as $10 with the Udemy flash sales. Sign up for the Course

Python Programming: Introduction (LO-94010) (QuickStart)

Python Programming- Introduction Course

While this may be one of the more expensive courses on this list, Quickstart’s virtual classroom is a structured program of study where you take part in a four-day online session along with a bunch of other students. There is a live instructor who delivers the lecture in a comprehensive manner and also answers questions. Along with giving you an introduction to Python, as the name suggests, the course also delves deeper into advanced concepts. You are also eligible for certification once the course is completed.

Python Programming: Introduction (LO-94010) Price: $714 per seat Sign up for the Course

Learn Python (OneMonth)

Learn Python (OneMonth) Course

If you are looking to learn Python from the point of view of business, this Learn Python course gives you exactly what you are looking for, especially when there is a time restriction. During this month-long program, you will be able to get a basic understanding of Python and related concepts, while you start writing scripts that can accomplish a variety of tasks. This includes automating tasks, reading code, interpreting data, interacting with APIs and more.

Learn Python Price: $269.10 annual membership Sign up for the Course

Professional Python Certification Program (Python Institute)

Professional Python Certification Program Course

If you aren’t just fooling around with the idea of learning Python, it may be helpful to enroll yourself in the Professional Python Certification Program run by the Python Institute. The platform offers a range of Python certifications to entry-level learners, associates as well as professionals, depending on the course they gain access to and the exam that they take. This means that these programs can be completed by beginners as well as people with an intermediate or professional level of experience.  

Professional Python Certification Program Price: $59 for taking the beginner-level exam, $295 for the associate and $195 for professional certification. Sign up for the Course

Python Certification (W3School)

Python Certification (W3School) Course

The final course on this list is the Python Certification from W3School, another platform that helps you learn new things for free. For example, you will gain access to all the learning material and resources that you need to learn Python for free. The tutorials included in this program will cover a range of topics like database handling. Keep in mind that the certification, however, comes at a cost.

Python Certification Price: $95 Sign up for the Course

While there are tons of Python courses that you may come across on multiple online educational portals, it can be quite confusing to choose the one that suits you best. To make the process easier for you, we have condensed the list to just 12 different courses. However, as you move forward, you can consider the syllabus, certifications and pricing to gauge what works for your requirements in the best possible way to choose one of the best Python courses from this extensive list given above.

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