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by | Jan 22, 2020

No test can be as hard as the ACT… Oh wait, there’s the SAT! Your SATs are just around the corner and you’re hyperventilating because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to complete all that you need to study; add to that the excitement, confusion, and stress you may be feeling at starting college and it’s a complete emotional roller coaster ride! While we may not be able to do much for you in terms of your emotions regarding starting college, we can make SAT preparation a lot easier and relatively stress-free with our list of the best SAT prep courses the internet can offer. 

The SAT can be quite challenging and quite different from normal school tests. These online courses will not only help you become more familiar with the exam and its format itself but also help you develop strategies, skills and increase the probability of scoring high! Considering that you’re probably already burdened with schoolwork and other commitments, these courses are flexible and can fit around your schedule, further increasing their appeal. 

Onto our list of the best SAT prep courses online!

SAT Prep Course — Magoosh 

SAT Prep Course Magoosh

Our top pick for SAT prep is from Magoosh. A comprehensive program that’s designed for SAT aspirants who want to improve their scores by at least 100, this course comes with tons of practice tests accompanied by video explanations on shortcuts, pitfalls, and vital concepts. They also have a support system that you can get access to with one click, as well as study online on the go. Simple to use, the course provides you with a personalized dashboard, access to an extensive library of lessons and tips from experts in the field. If you aren’t satisfied with the course, you can take advantage of the 7-day money-back guarantee. 

SAT Prep Course — Magoosh Price: $99 for a month, $159 for 3 months and $179 for 12 months Sign up for the Course

Online SAT Prep Classes — Kaplan‚ 

Online SAT Prep Classes from Kaplan

For one of the best bets at improving your SAT exam score, you can pick an online SAT prep course at Kaplan. These courses are divided into 3 options — college prep pass, live online and in-person courses. Taught by expert teachers, you can take these courses at your own convenience. Additionally, there’s a money-back guarantee if you don’t get the desired score. By the end of the course, you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses, get a customized study plan, enhance your reading, writing and math skills, make short work of practice tests and quizzes, and have access to comprehensive study materials that will help your prep. 

Online SAT Prep Classes Price: $299 for a Self-Paced Course and $899 for the Live Online Course package Sign up for the Course

Test Prep SAT — Khan Academy 

Test Prep SAT Khan Academy

One of the go-to names when it comes to SAT prep, Khan Academy is a learning resource unlike any other, with tons of practice exercises, videos and access to a personalized learning dashboard that covers a variety of subjects, ranging from math to macroeconomics. Their uniqueness is further elevated by their partnership with The College Board, the official SAT provider, to create an official prep course. Oh, and did we mention that it’s all absolutely free? Put together these two factors and you’ve got a win-win situation all around! Students have access to 8 full-length practice tests, tons of practice questions, tips, tailored practice plans, and instant feedback. 

Test Prep SAT Price: Free Sign up for the Course

SAT Prep — The Princeton Review 

SAT Prep by The Princeton Review

As a student, it’s more surprising if you haven’t come across The Princeton Review than if you have. One of America’s elite institutes of higher education, students who take the college’s SAT prep get access to the same quality of learning and resources as studying in the college. Apart from several SAT prep books, the institute offers a comprehensive online SAT prep course that you can either take as a self-paced course, an expert-led program or a private tutoring program that’s personalized for you. Depending on what you pick, you gain access to a variety of resources, such as 25 hours of live instruction and 4 practice tests with the Ultimate Classroom option, or personalized on-demand lessons with the Self-Paced Package. However, whichever course you pick, there’s a satisfaction guarantee attached; in case you aren’t happy with your SAT score after using The Princeton Review’s SAT prep, you can either choose to get your money back or prep again for free. 

SAT Prep — The Princeton Review Price: $99, $1,099 or $3,000 for the self-paced, expert-led and private tutoring programs. Sign up for the Course

New SAT Writing 800: Guaranteed Results — Udemy 

New SAT Writing 800 Guaranteed Results — Udemy

As always, Udemy has a course on something you’re looking for; in this case, SAT prep courses! Aimed at helping students master the Writing and Language section of the SAT exam, the only prerequisite of the “New SAT Writing 800” course is an SAT official study guide copy. Rather than committing the common mistake of picking “what sounds right”, this course will teach you to pick answers based on connecting meaning, learn and apply the rules of grammar and write in a style that The College Board considers “good”. Little surprise, then, that it’s one of the highest-rated SAT prep courses on Udemy. 

New SAT Writing 800: Guaranteed Results Price: $10.44 (on sale) Sign up for the Course

New SAT Prep Online Course — PrepScholar 

New SAT Prep Online Course PrepScholar

PrepScholar offers students access to a range of test prep courses not just for the SAT but also for GRE, GMAT, and ACT. The creators and teachers of the site’s courses are all people who have scored a 99th percentile or higher when they took their respective exams, so you’re assured of high quality of teaching. Additionally, PrepScholar courses are customized, so you can focus on your needs, skills, and schedule while prepping for the test. Students have the option of choosing from different levels of tutoring, such as the SAT Online Prep option which gives you full access to the PrepScholar SAT program, 60+ hours of video content and over 1,200 practice questions. There’s also the Coaching option where you receive one-on-one mentoring for 4, 12, or 50 hours (based on what you pick). If you don’t improve by at least 160 points on your SAT, you can make use of the site’s money-back guarantee. 

New SAT Prep Online Course Price: $600, $895, or $995-$6995, based on what you pick Sign up for the Course

Online SAT Tutoring Program — College Vine 

Online SAT Tutoring Program College Vine

Designed to help busy students prepare for the SAT, this SAT prep course maximizes study time to improve scores taking into account all the other activities that fill the lives of school-going kids. Additionally, the site offers support to parents of SAT takers, giving them regular reports of scores and updating them on their child’s progress. The SAT prep courses on the site, no matter which one you pick, include a diagnostic exam, expert tutors, score prediction tools and a custom tutoring plan. With these tools, it becomes easy for students to assess their strengths and weaknesses and focus on what they need, to improve their scores, as well as allow their tutors to customize study plans for them. 

Online SAT Tutoring Program Price: Account creation is free. Other prices may vary from $1000-$2400. Sign up for the Course

SAT — Private Prep  

SAT by Private Prep Page Link

An offering from the Private Prep tutoring company, this SAT prep offers academic services and college prep services to students. Tutors aim to bring out a student’s full potential, building confidence, instructing in an engaging manner and encouraging them to push themselves. They also provide a personalized curriculum based on the student’s needs and approach to learning. Therefore, since it’s about customized learning, there’s no default course you can pick; students are required to do a free consultation with a coach in which they determine the student’s goals and create a personalized plan, after which, they’re matched with a team of coaches/coach who can deliver what the student needs. After this process, the coach and student interact on Zoom, a learning platform, where students can also record each lesson, while the coach can guide them through a diagnostic test, SAT strategies, personalized curriculum, and even stress-relief techniques. 

SAT — Private Prep Price: $125-$175 Sign up for the Course

SAT — Testive 

SAT by  Testive Page Link

Utilizing technology is the mainstay of this company, but along with human interaction. Therefore, the SAT prep offered by Testive is a combination of both, where human coaches and technology are used to prepare students to succeed in their tests. The site provides customized content to help students focus on what they need in a way that works best for them. The Bootcamp course is great for a revision if your exam is round the corner, whereas the Coaching option lets you study material at a more relaxed pace before test day. The Coaching Plus package offers one-on-one sessions each week in addition to all that is offered in the Coaching package. There’s a 2-week free trial on each course and a money-back guarantee. In case you don’t require a coach, you can access the SAT prep material for free. 

SAT — Testive Price: $799 one-time payment for the Bootcamp, $399 per month for Coaching and $599 per month for Coaching Plus Sign up for the Course

SAT Prep Online Course — Peterson’s

SAT Prep Online Course by Peterson’s

With a large number of resources that include test prep, writing help, college admissions coaching and scholarship databases, Peterson’s is a great option for not just SAT prep but a range of other standardized test prep as well. The learning platform on the site is flexible, letting you work through content at your own pace and convenience. The site is compatible with a number of viewing devices, and you can choose to either do the short, medium or long path of study before your test date. The site also has practice tests, quizzes, interactive lessons, and even games, to make the learning more fun and interactive!

SAT Prep Online Course Price: $49 when you pay every month, $45 per month when you pay every 3 months and $39 per month when you pay every 6 months Sign up for the Course

The Final Word 

Hopefully, the range of SAT prep courses will help you prepare better for your test and get the result that you desire. Each prep course stands out for its own reason and though some may be more popular than the others doesn’t make the rest any less effective or efficient. Pick a course and get started on your journey to better SAT marks!

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