Best Online Cooking Classes – 10 Picks To Help You Cook Like The Pros

by | Sep 29, 2020

Whether you’re a professional chef who wants to own a restaurant or someone who’s looking to cook healthier dishes on their own, online cooking classes can help you improve your skills in the kitchen. 

Online cooking classes are created for a variety of levels, from beginners to experts. Many of them offer individual instruction from chefs that live around the world, visual guides to help you imagine each recipe, and group classes that will create a joyful, interactive experience in the kitchen. 

The only hard part? Finding the right cooking class choice! There are quite a few options out there, so we’ve gathered up a guide to the best online cooking classes so you can find the one that fits your needs.

Best Online Cooking Classes

Below are the 10 best online cooking classes that offer both individual classes and video series. These classes will help you perfect your favorite dish, cultivate helpful cooking habits, and make more delicious meals for both yourself and others. 

1. Masterclass


Masterclass is an online platform that offers a variety of classes taught by the best. For instance, you can learn how to act by taking Natalie Portman’s class. Masterclass also offers a cooking class taught by top chefs, including Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck. For $180 each year, you can access all of the Masterclass courses, including:

  • Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking 
  • Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques
  • Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking 
  • Massimo Bottura Teaches Modern Italian Cooking 
  • Gabriela Camara Teaches Mexican Cooking
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2. Craftsy‚ 

Craftsy, formerly called Bluprint, is another platform full of online classes that offers a culinary section filled with only the best. In their cooking classes, you can learn how to decorate a cake, make croissants, and much more!

Both the class hosts and experts are involved in each class, making their instruction both entertaining and effective. Each class also has visual guides that will help you master the material even after the class is over. To start taking cooking classes at Bluprint, you can check out the price of each individual class or become a member for $79.99 each year. 

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3. Rouxbe Online Culinary School

Rouxbe Online Culinary School

Rouxbe is the world’s leading culinary school. With hundreds of thousands of cooking students, Rouxb’s Online Culinary School is best suited for those who have substantial culinary knowledge. It’s also perfect for those who currently work in the culinary industry.

Whether you want to learn how to practice proper food safety or cook an entirely plant-based 5-course meal, this school will teach you all that you need to know. Memberships are either $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. 

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4. The Chef & The Dish

The Chef & The Dish

The Chef & The Dish offers live cooking classes that allow you to cook on Skype with the world’s top professional chefs. No matter what cuisine you want to learn more about or what you want to cook, The Chef & The Dish will provide you with 1-on-1 guidance that will give you the extra help that you need. For two participants, most classes are around $300. 

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5. Delish


On their Instagram, Delish holds a livestream cooking class every day of the week. They offer both parents and kids cooking classes that will teach you how to make something delicious. 

Delish’s YouTube channel also offers tutorials on how to cook a variety of dishes, such as pastas and breads. The best part? All of their classes are free, and the videos on YouTube are available at any time. 

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6. Top Chef University

Top Chef University

Inspired by the show itself, Top Chef University lets you learn how to cook right from the experts and top contestants on the show. This course is available through an app that’s suitable for both your phone and tablet, letting you learn on the go! 

Top Chef University offers each course for $25 or a 1-year subscription for $200.

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7. CakeFlix


If you’re an at-home baker or aspiring cake boss, CakeFlix has the cooking classes for you. Whether you want to bake a cake from scratch or decorate your dishes for a wedding, CakeFlix has all you need.

They’ll deliver helpful video tutorials right to your inbox and they offer over 800 online courses that you can sign up for at any time. 

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8. Delia Online Cookery School 

Delia Online Cookery School

Delia Online Cookery School features an array of cooking articles that will teach you all about cooking techniques at various levels of difficulty. Each lesson has step-by-step instructions with visual guides. The best part is that all of Delia Online Cookery School’s articles are free and super easy to browse.

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9. Udemy


Udemy offers a wide variety of online cooking classes that vary in price and hold multiple discount opportunities. If you want to use a platform that will expose you to cooking experts on a wide variety of topics, Udemy has the right course material for you. 

These cooking lectures are typically priced at $20-$30 and range from bartending instructions to how to cook the best sourdough bread. 

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10. Foodist Kitchen

 Foodist Kitchen

Foodist Kitchen offers a variety of cooking classes that cost just $99 for unlimited lifetime access. If you want to learn how to cook any food without recipes in just 30 days, indulging in Foodist Kitchen’s courses will help you reach that goal.

Instead of focusing on particular foods or meals, Foodist Kitchen helps you develop smart cooking habits that will take any recipe to the next level. These techniques can be applied to whatever foods you have, making it useful and applicable.

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Conclusions: Best Online Cooking Classes

The cooking classes above offer a variety of helpful courses and 1-on-1 guidance from the world’s top chefs. Whether you’re a professional chef or an avid cooker, the courses above will help you improve your skills in the kitchen. 

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