Best Forex Trading Apps – 8 Top Choices You Should Download

by | Sep 16, 2020

The foreign exchange market is a decentralized market for the trading of currencies. This market determines the foreign exchange rates for every currency and includes all aspects of buying, selling, and exchanging. 

Forex trading is done in pairs. While trading in the stock market, you can buy or sell a single stock. While forex trading, you must buy one currency and sell another currency. 

The international currency market involves participants from all around the world who buy and sell from various currencies. These participants include central banks, investment management firms, and investors.

Although forex trading has the potential to make you great money, it’s crucial to learn more about how to begin and identify risks before starting out. Many people jump into the forex market too quickly and lose a lot of money. 

While you can always gain some knowledge by reading a forex trading book, forex trading apps are one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the market, stay on top of your trading game, and identify the risk factor before starting. So, what are the best forex trading apps that you should download? Let’s take a look!

Best Forex Trading Apps

Below are the 8 best forex trading apps that will allow you to view prices in real time, get notified about major economic events, and stay on top of the best trading opportunities. 

1. NetDania Stock & Forex Trader 


NetDania is the world’s #1 forex trading app. With this, you can view bitcoin price in real time, trade the world’s most traded instruments, turn on notifications for major economic events, and much more. 

With 6 different chart types, trend-lines on higher scales, and an unlimited number of demo and live trading accounts, this app has it all. Not only can you build algorithms and set alerts, but NetDania lets you view economic news all in real time. Both easy to set up and customizable, NetDania is a versatile and useful forex trading app. 

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2. ThinkTrader 


ThinkTrader features charting and analysis for forex trading on the go. With the financial markets delivered straight to your pocket, this app gives you instant access to major and minor forex pairs, over 1,000 stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

ThinkTrader’s technical analysis shows live pricing charts, analytical objects, watchlists, and much more. With its special features, such as charting and analysis, this app has all you need to stay on top of your trading. 

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3. Bloomberg Business 


Access global market data, track your portfolio watchlist, and view financial news in the Bloomberg Business app. If you’re looking for comprehensive access to global business news and the stock market, this is the app for you.

Bloomberg Business allows you to customize the app, monitor your personal portfolio, and receive continuous alerts on global stock positions. This app meets all the needs of the global business and finance professional. Whether you want to monitor your stock portfolio or stay on top of the news, this app has all you need. 

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4. Yahoo Finance 

yahoo finance

If you’re looking to track the markets and economy, Yahoo Finance is the best destination. Follow the stocks you care about most and get personalized news with this versatile finance app. Access real-time stock information and investment updates to stay on top of the market from wherever you are. 

Yahoo Finance offers a wide array of helpful features, including: 

  • Personal portfolio tracking 
  • Real-time quotes 
  • Personalized news 
  • ESG ratings 
  • Currency tracking
  • Interactive full screen charts 

If you’re looking to manage your portfolio on the go or stay on top of the latest financial news, Yahoo Finance is the app for you. 

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5. eToro


Praised by over 10 million users worldwide, eToro is an award-winning online trading platform that lets you build your crypto portfolio right away. With this, you can explore the world’s top cryptocurrencies, become a part of the thriving crypto community, and discover the smartest ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

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6. Thinkorswim


Trade, invest, buy, and sell with Thinkorswim. With the Thinkorswim mobile app, you can trade with your device in the palm of your hand from wherever you are. This app lets you place commission free stock, ETF, and option trades easily and securely.

With forex trading, real market data, and modified watchlists, Thinkorswim has all you need to trade and monitor your progress. 

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7. Forex Game 

Forex Game

Forex Game provides online stocks trading for beginners. If you want to learn trading on the forex or bitcoin market, this app is for you. This risk-free forex trading app is an online trading simulator designed for those who want to make their first step in trading. 

While playing, you’ll learn how to read graphs, how to start trading, and much more. Instead of reading countless trading books or watching mundane videos on how to begin, this app has compiled all you need to know, making it your all-in-one destination to start forex trading today. 

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8. FxPro Signals 

Forex Signals

FxPro Signals is a must-have app for every forex trader. This advanced application brings you the best buy & sell Forex available to traders for free. These FxPro signals are sent in real time and on a daily basis. 

Whenever there is a good trading opportunity, this app will send a trading alert straight to your mobile device. This app is active Monday-Friday and all signals are sent by professional traders. 

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Final Thoughts: Best Forex Trading Apps

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, the forex trading apps above will help you insert yourself into the trading world, stay on top of financial news, and learn more about trading before you begin.

Although forex trading can be both intimidating and scary, the apps above will help you learn more about how to trade and what moves to make. As time goes on, these apps will help you feel more confident and comfortable forex trading. 

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