Look we all love our fur babies, but sometimes you have to admit, you wish they would stop jumping on the couch with muddy paws or stealing food from the dinner table.

I know it’s hard to say no when they look up at you with those trademark puppy dog eyes, but don’t worry my friends, there is help.  

Below are listed some of the best Online Dog Training Courses available.

1. Dr. Dunbar: Top Dog Academy

Best Dog Training Courses - Dr Dunbar

Register here for the Top Dog Academy and you’ll be given 4 eBooks, 13 videos, and over 100 hours of dog behavior and training seminars.  This total package is worth over $1,400 if bought individually and will teach you advanced concepts and methods such as off-leash reliability & control, that will accelerate the resolution of behavior and temperament problems like social anxiety and aggressiveness.  

Dr. Dunbar: Top Dog Academy Price: $20.00/Month Sign up for the Course

2. Doggy Dan: The Dog Calming Code

Best Dog Training Courses - Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan not only has one of the greatest names in the business, but also some of the most popular programs, and “The Dog Calming Code” is one of those programs.  It consists of 23 videos and totals over 2 hours, promising 0 risk to you the consumer, as Doggy Dan has never come across a pooch he couldn’t train, and so offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Doggy Dan has been doing this for over a decade and from the start you can just feel the passion he exudes while he teaches you how to deal with; pulling on the leash, jumping up, barking, over excitedness, aggression, and disobedience.  

Doggy Dan: The Dog Calming Code Price: $47 Sign up for the Course

3. Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs

Best Dog Training Courses - Growl Class

Now this one here is to help some of our more aggressive furry friends.  In “Growl Class” you’ll be taught on how to deal with aggression in dogs.  Some may have been treated poorly in the past or just have a pre-disposition to aggression due to varying factors, but in this course Dr. Dunbar will teach you what is needed to help rehabilitate, and eventually re-socialize your pet with other dogs.

Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs Price: $99 Sign up for the Course

4. Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint

Best Dog Training Courses - 30 Day Perfect Dog

Like the title says, NO PUNSIHMENT!  Learn through this course how to help train your dog into being a model fur-citizen and build a relationship with your pet through fun games that will teach your dog how to focus and reduce anxiety.  

You’ll be taught how to train your dog to be trustworthy around anything in your house, including unprotected meals, teach him how to focus on you in any environment, not yank on the leash, and most importantly love listening and being around you.  

The creator of this course lost his dog he was a young boy because he couldn’t control him, he studied poor training habits, and unfortunately because of them his dog bit a small child.  Learn from his mistakes here and learn to protect your dog from what can be his own worst enemy, himself.

Punishment-Free Dog Training: 30 Day Perfect Dog Blueprint Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

5. How to Train Your Puppy Using Positive Methods

Best Dog Training Courses - How to Train Your Puppy

The purpose of this particular course is aimed at the owners of puppies up to the age of 6 months, where through positive reinforcement techniques, he or she will be taught to become a certified good boy.  The course length is 6 lessons and you’ll have 6 months to complete before the course expires.

You’ll be taught step-by-step instructions for basic puppy training such as how to sit, stand, come, and leash walking.  Along with how to fix common issues such as jumping, chewing, and house-training.

Be aware though that you will need to purchase specific equipment in order to proceed with this course.  Examples being a 6-foot leash, freedom harness, slip collar, stuffed toy and the Ultimate Puppy Kit which can all be purchased at a pet store or online.

How to Train Your Puppy Using Positive Methods Price: $95 Sign up for the Course

6. Reliability and Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop

Best Dog Training Courses - Reliability and Games

All about having fun with your companion, this course takes an emphasis on games such as musical chairs, doggy dash, and dancing with dogs among many others to aid in developing good habits with your dog in a fun and rewarding setting.  

And when all is said and done, your course will come with a way to quantify your training in order to see actual progress, and determine which methods are most effective for your pooch going forward.

Reliability and Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

7. Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet

Best Dog Training Courses - Dog Training - BARF

Unlike the name suggests, this course aims to help your dog not barf… Earlier courses were about behavioral teachings while this one is about helping your dog through a raw diet.  Explaining how not only your dog can reap the rewards of eating the way nature intended, but also help you save money on expenses such as dog food and veterinary bills.  

You’ll be taught how much to feed your dog daily, what to feed your dog in order to help him or her reach their optimum weight for health and longevity, and how to switch your dog to a raw diet along with where to purchase these raw foods. 

Dog Training – BARF – Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet Price: $149.99 Sign up for the Course

8. Basic Dog Training Online Course

Best Dog Training Courses - Basic Dog Training Online Course

In this course you’re going to find a plethora of information that you can refer back to for the rest of your pet owning life.  With over 60 carefully broken-down videos included in this course, you’ll be well on your way to effectively training your dog into becoming the well-behaved good boy you know he or she can be.  

You’ll learn to understand the difference between a well-trained and well-behaved dog, how to 

help your dog control their impulses along great leash manners, and the typical puppy topics such as housetraining, crate training, chewing and nipping.

Basic Dog Training Online Course Price: $67 Sign up for the Course

9. Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) – All 3 Days

Best Dog Training Courses - Science-Based Dog Training

Through the use of science, this course has created a program to help you optimally train your dog with proven facts and methods.  18 hours of on demand video will be at your fingertips, and though science is usually associated with cold and dispassionate feelings, this course is far from that.  Love and care have been put into each lesson, just with the added benefit of proven facts to back them up.

You’ll learn how to measure the effectiveness of different behavior modification strategies, how to reliably control your dog off leash, at a distance, and around any distractions along with the added benefit of gaining a fundamental understanding of Learning Theory.  

Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) – All 3 Days Price: $199.99 Sign up for the Course

10. House Train Any Dog

Best Dog Training Courses - House Train Any Dog

Probably one of the more important reasons to train your dog. Upon completion you’ll learn secrets that will allow you to let your dog roam freely throughout your home and no longer have to stop wasting money cleaning up after accidents.  

No one likes a soggy carpet, and this course promises to fix that problem in 7 days or less.  No more worrying about leaving your furry friend at home by him, or herself for fear of a ruined carpet and a deposit you’ll never see again.  Take this course and finally have some peace of mind, and if it doesn’t work, don’t worry this course comes with a 60 day fully refunded money back guarantee. 

House Train Any Dog Price: $15.98 Sign up for the Course
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